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Who can Dispute Imelda that the Marcos Wealth is Ready to Save World?

Marcos wealth

By: Elena Grace Flores
by GMA News

The Good, The Bold and the Beautiful
Imelda Marcos is known internationally as ostentatiously extravagant. Thus the title, Imeldific. However, her heart up to these days only has concern for her countrymen. She insists to the Congress to prioritize the last will and testament of her husband. This is to augment the lives of Filipinos from poverty. Mrs. Marcos also assures the public that no debt of the country will be left unpaid if only the Marcos wealth finds its way to the law that would facilitate its release.

International Court for Justice for the People’s Wealth

The former first lady said that if the government would sequester the jewelries she possesses, she will seek help from the International Court of Justice. She added that she acquires those beauties for the Filipino people. She is already old and they are not for her anymore, she clarified.

Documents for the Trial of the Century

240 Billion Dollars worth of bill of lading. The world is rich beyond compare. Not for the Marcos family. They only guard the possession for humanity. These are shipments of the gold bars sent to 170 countries for keepsake in accordance with the World Bank procedure. Imelda Marcos opens this up to Mel Tiangco in 2013. The documents for the trial of the century are intact. Who can dispute her?

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