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Who is Destroying the Country? Marcos or Robredo?


By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos

Robredo Accuses Bongbong Marcos of Destroying the Country

Robredo: Marcos Destroys the Integrity of Government Institutions

Right after the Supreme Court’s decision of dismissing the entire electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos, VP Leni Robredo keeps on accusing Marcos of fake news, discrediting institutions and worst, destroying the country. So, here’s the fact check of what BBM said. First, they want to address the issue only after receiving the copy of the ruling. This way, they can have all the details of how the decision came about. Next, he only campaigns for transparency of the next election. Thus, explaining about the benefits of the hybrid system.

Integrity of Government Agencies

Robredo may not know that all evidence of the electoral protest came from the supporters of Marcos. Verification of fraud is necessary because of real testimonies. These are not propaganda. People had live posts when these happened. To rule out this one is the decision of the SC. But they cannot stop people from getting unsatisfied with their processes. After all, these are their votes that must be counted. Marcos’ zeroing in poll centers where they actually voted is already a big proof of cheating.

Transparency over Speed

In BBM’s recent vlog, he clarifies details about the hybrid system. It may be a bit slower than the automated one. But one thing is certain. It is transparent enough which is necessary to bring back people’s trust. The public should know that a good person does not go around accusing others. One can always campaign for their candidates this elections 2022. However, the Marcos way is mainly focussing on the political agenda. Never into destroying others.

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