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Who is Misinformed Between Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo with the Latest from the Supreme Court?

Supreme Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Supreme Court that as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) finally acknowledges many irregularities in the May 2016 elections. They are found during the recount of the vice presidential results as per the electoral protest of former senator Bongbong Marcos.

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[VIDEO]:  The World Tonight: Robredo camp said that Bongbong Marcos was misinformed.

BEI to Explain Irregularities to the Supreme Court

The PET found irregularities in Camarines Sur and Iloilo. These are the pilot provinces of Marcos’ protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. In a resolution dated June 19, 2018, the PET ordered a municipal treasurer and a chairman of the Board of Election Inspectors in Camarines Sur to explain the irregularities found in their ballot boxes.

Marcos’ Observations

Many irregularities are found on day one. There are wet ballots among others. These are the observations of the Marcos camp from the start. That was when the ballot boxes become recount ready. The revisors initially found that 38 out of 40 ballot boxes are open. These are from the town of Bato, Camarines Sur. Missing audit logs are also a common occurrence. Robredo quickly disputes this as misinformation instead of looking deeply into the situation.

The PET’s Acknowledgment

The PET also acknowledges that some ballot boxes are already open prior to their arrival at the Supreme Court. One ballot box is without the broken security seal. It also issues another order dated July 3, 2018. It takes note of the many incident reports of the Revision Committee in the revision of votes from Iloilo showing excess ballots.

Robredo is Misinformed

The current news on the protest reveals that even the PET is doing something against the anomalies. They are not just transparent enough to update the people on the ongoing findings. The aim is for a peaceful process. Therefore, the tribunal may soon come out with a blast.

SC finds anomalies in 2016 elections

1 thought on “Who is Misinformed Between Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo with the Latest from the Supreme Court?

  1. I think the reports about the ELECTION ANOMALIES are too much too ignore, I agree to what BBM wants to have it annulled. Sir JOMAR CANLAS, TMT article is direct to the point that there’s no need to embellish it TO CAPTURE THE PUBLIC IMAGINATION AND INTEREST NOT TO READ IT. Thanks to finally release to the public official result. Well done as always!

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