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Who is the Source of the Wrong Marcos Guinness World Record?


By: Elena Grace Flores

by Bagong Lipunan

Bongbong Marcos on the 1986 Incident
The late President Cory Aquino never won the snap election. She became president because the Marcos family was kidnapped by the Americans. They were transported to Hawaii instead of Paoay Ilocos Norte. Aquino immediately made her first Executive order 3 days into her presidency. She accused former President Ferdinand Marcos of amassing the alleged country’s wealth. This reached Guinness. Bongbong Marcos narrates their experience in the video while on their way to overseas exile.

Imelda Marcos’ Reaction

The former First Lady Imelda Marcos also affirms that they are not the ones who steal from the government. Instead, they are the victims of robbery in a massive way. The Guinness World Record on the alleged Marcos ill-gotten wealth picked the wrong information up from Aquino’s EO.

The Late Ferdinand Marcos’ Confession

Prior to his death, the late President Marcos also swears that he may have committed a lot of sins in this world. But stealing from the people is not one of them. The media spread the news worldwide following the EO of the late President Aquino. This propaganda went on for more than 3 decades. However, the truth always prevails. Guinness owes the Marcos family an apology.

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  1. Ang mga dilawan at elitista kasama ang matataas na pinuno ng simbahan katolika at anti government media ay nagsabwatan para ibagsak ang rehimen ni Pres Marcos sa tulong ng CIA.

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