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Who would PDuterte Likely to Endorse as the Next President?


By: Elena Grace Flores
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Who would the President likely to endorse as his successor?

3 Rumored Presidentiables

Many speculate that the daughter of the President, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is an ideal candidate for President. Anti-administration stalwarts elaborate that she can save her father from the alleged human rights violations. Nevertheless, PDuterte announces that he does not want his daughter to carry the burden of the country. On the other hand, Mayor Isko Moreno is another popular bet. However, from the start, the President admires the late President Ferdinand Marcos. He said that the country needs another Marcos. Will he endorse Bongbong Marcos?

Mayor Isko Moreno is a Fine Bet

A media darling and and a favorite among bloggers, Mayor Isko Moreno of Manila garners many followers. This is because of his efficient performance. He outsmarts two very influential rivals – former Manila mayors, Joseph Estrada and Alfredo Lim. Mayor Isko is also a charmer. His background as a former TV and movie celebrity helps a lot in his success as a public servant. Some are skeptical, however because of his lack of experience in the field.

Vocal about Bongbong Marcos

Presidential spokesperson, Harry Roque divulges that if only Bongbong Marcos wins his VP election protest, the President would be true to his promise to turn over the presidency to him. Currently, they both have closed door discussions. The President also insinuates that he would do everything to destroy the arch rival of Marcos. This is if she runs for President. Plus, Pastor Quiboloy, an ally of President Duterte hints that Robredo’s enemy will get the Duterte’s endorsement. Whoever that is, he would certainly win, said the pastor.

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  1. Yes to bongbong marcos to be the next president of the philippines to be morelikely endorsement by president RRDu30 for 2022 elctn…so that he can activate the 70% secret deposit gold for the Pilipino people d-d-cated by d late PFEMARCOS as a very good legacy by PFEM last will for his countrymen…long live prrd/bbm… God bless d Philippines …

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