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Who would watch ML victims? Good Shot that Toni Gonzaga is ignoring AM!

Toni Gonzaga

By: Elena Grace Flores
by CNN Philippines

Toni Gonzaga is more democratic than Ateneo Museum
The Ateneo Museum representative is an innocent 28 years old. Obviously, he does not know what he’s talking about. The guy can only repeat the black propaganda of his peers. He did not consider journalism ethics. He claimed to be a defender of democracy. But Toni Gonzaga is more democratic than him. Because she interviewed politicians without classifying them.

Ateneo Museum’s Rep is Lying

The AM rep talk about the alleged unfounded atrocities during Martial Law. He said that Bongbong Marcos benefits from it. Being the son of the late President Bongbong Marcos. Naturally, in the interview, he can only share his experiences with the family’s patriarch to Toni Gonzaga. Besides, what does martial law got to do with the son of the president at that time?

Mundane and Entertaining Manner

Toni Gonzaga is a professional in her own rights. She follows the concept and format of her interviews that work. Why does this inexperienced AM man sour grapes on that? Can’t he make his own show work? The statistics tell them all. Therefore, it’s time for him to learn from the smart host of Toni Talks. He should start to act mundane and entertaining. Perhaps, cut his hair too.

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