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Why do Biased Media Never Highlight the Real Reasons for ML?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by GheLpapz TV

Ferdinand Marcos Imposed Martial Law to Save the Country from Communism
September 21, 1972 was the declaration of Martial Law. Year after year, the alleged atrocities during that time are republished by the mainstream media. They are biased in the sense that they never highlight it’s real purpose and the good outcome. Most of them are repitions of interviews that can discredit Marcos to people who do not know the real story.

Liberal Party Meeting de Avance

The late Ninoy Aquino was not present during the Meeting de Avance of the Liberal Party. Then, the bomb exploded in Plaza Miranda. He’s the top contender of Marcos at that time. It is widely known that he connives with Joma Sison’s communist party. He links them with the New People’s Army or the NPA. So, they can spread terror. And blame the chaos on the President. This is consistent with the reaction of an elderly witness. Therefore, it is best to double-check the truth.

Who’s the Real Dictator?

Aquino’s strategy to destroy the reputation of Marcos was through the media. The same system of the American media’s circulating fake news against China. This is a huge network of oligarchs. They are the real dictators. They want people to hate key figures who can be a threat to their monetary power worldwide. Nonetheless, most people fight back through social media. It’s trending now; Never Again Dilawan!

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