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Will Church Leaders Follow the Pope’s Example and Comply with the Governor’s Call?


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Evening Standard
The Pope calls for prayers for Covid-19 sufferers during live-streamed Mass

The Example of the Pope

Pope Francis holds private daily mass from his residence inside the Vatican. It has a livestream coverge. The pontiff decides not to hold regular mass in public. The Pope’s decision is to help prevent crowds from gathering as a precaution against the spread of the novel coronavirus. His regular online mass aims is to create closeness with those who suffer from the pandemic. “Let’s continue to pray together for the sick people, the health workers, so many people that are suffering from this epidemic,” said the pontiff at the beginning of the mass celebrated from the Casa Santa Marta residence. The livestream of the private morning liturgy will continue every day, according to the Vatican.

The Governor’s Call

Cebu City Governor Gwen Garcia calls on the church leaders to apply precautionary measures to fight against the spread of coronavirus. She discourages group gatherings and encourages social distancing as much as possible. Both personalities are not imposing tough policies to punish those who do not follow. But only people with common sense can realize the severity of the situation.

Not an Order but a Request

The church always gives its followers the option to decide on what road to take when a situation arises. Nevertheless, since the Pope already set an example to his faithful, church leaders must have the wisdom to follow through. If only they can track the updates worldwide, then there would be no excuse for them to have blind faith.

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