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Willie Revillame Questions Robredo’s Undemocratic Reason to Run

Willie Revillame

By: Elena Grace Flores
Filipino Future

Undemocratic Reason to be President

Filipino TV host, Willie Revillame questions outgoing VP Leni Robredo her reason to run for President. Why is she running for the top position just to block one candidate? That in a way is very undemocratic. All Filipinos have the right to seek for public position. But it should be self-evaluation that is the ultimate deciding factor. Are you capable to lead the country?

Public Service Must be a Priority

Willie Revillame is firm in his decision. Regardless of what he does, public service is a priority. He can do that well where he is now. Unlike in the Senate, he said that he’s not knowledgeable with the law. He also cannot defend his stand-in English well. His advice to the candidates is to have a solid platform on how to help people in poverty. Refrain from fighting with each other. So, the welfare of the people must come first.

Willie Revillame’s Stand

President Rodrigo Duterte personally urges Willie Revillame to run for senator in the coming 2022 elections. This was over dinner at the Malaca├▒ang Palace. However, he declines because he said that he doesn’t have the capabilities to be a lawmaker. He can do public service more efficiently if he continues to do his showbiz work. He is hosting a game show that gives livelihood opportunities to the masses. Therefore, he declines the said plea.

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