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Winter Olympics Ongoing Until February 23, 2014

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The world had been so busy doing lots of things but this very significant event going on in Russia deserves more attention. The 22nd Winter Olympics has been opened with a big bang! The Russians’ patriotic sentiments are overflowing for hosting this kind of event for the first time. Check this out:

Winter Olympics start with glittering Opening Ceremony

By: Euro News

It was big. It was bold. And it has got the Winter Games started.

A glittering opening ceremony has been held in Sochi with dance, music, fireworks and a journey through Russia’s history to delight the 40,000 people present.

Host President Vladimir Putin was joined by more than 40 world leaders.

Sochi is in Krasnodar Krai,  Russia near the boarder between the country and Georgia/Abkhazia. It is on the Black Sea coast– that must be so magical to be in during the Olympics. Looking forward to the awarding ceremonies  soon!

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