Workshare Discount Code

Work Reinvented with 10% Discount Coupon!
Commission: 20%
Discount Coupon: 10%
Campaign description: Let your audience save 10% on Workshare document comparison and review software. Workshare’s world-leading data comparison technology lets you compare text-based PDF or Word documents against multiple modified versions or revisions at any level. Excellent choice for the legal, marketing and project management teams for creating secure client workspaces.
Products included: Workshare Professional 12 month Subscription License 1-9 users, 10-19 users, Workshare Professional Subscription License, Workshare Professional Subscription License Gold Support for 1 users, Workshare Professional Subscription License Gold Support for 2+ users.
Duration: until November 30, 2013
Discount code: WORKSHAREAFF
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