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World Leadership is Tested with the Coronavirus Outbreak


By: Elena Grace Flores

Italy’s inclusion in the coronavirus countries shakes the world financial markets. This is despite its relatively well-organized nature. Democracy ensures that people inside and outside the country quickly understand if a country’s containment and treatment measures are working. Good world leadership entails looking at other countries as well. Places where nutrition is worse, housing standards are weak, and disease transmission can occur much more readily must be the priority. If their health systems are not at par with international standards, then the US, Europe, and others must provide assistance with technical assistance and essential supplies.

YouTube video by Fox Business
Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel says the Trump administration has given the American public confidence in approaching coronavirus.

World Leadership Must Prioritize Strengthening Science

The coronavirus epidemic comes as a warning. Societies neglect access to health-care systems. Reduce investments in healthcare facilities are evident. Diseases always evolve. Continuous increase in the medical sector’s capacity to understand and fight newly emerging threats should be sustainable. The best way to do this is by strengthening science. Training more scientists, and building more labs are crucial. Countries that are able to do this like the US should share ideas and knowledge as widely as possible if leadership is there.

Investments on Scientists

Investing more in science appeals to the economic proposition. Basic research across a wide range of activities has high returns. But this is not about economics. A scientist can save lives because his or her previous work to produce a drug, treatment, or just an idea is successful. Investing in them is a great consideration. Nations are interconnected that make up the world. All countries are one when combatting an outbreak just like the coronavirus.

American Leadership

It is a subject of debate if the American leadership is not sufficient. The United States has the strongest medical-health system in the world. It is second to none in terms of capacity for research and development. Both the government and private sectors are adequate. Yet some analysts believe that President Donald Trump’s administration seems to be concerned primarily with playing down the risks. Its efforts are primarily just to keep the virus out of the US. The private sector is working hard on a vaccine that is commendable. Although, the lack of a consistent market for such vaccines undermines investment in this trade. By creating the world’s largest market for many drugs, the US effectively supports research across a wide range of ailments. However, it is observed that this is only those for which there is a large and steady demand in the US. Where is world leadership?

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