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You’ll Cry Too if You Hear the Sentiments of Bongbong Marcos’ Supporters


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Many Bongbong Marcos supporters went to bed nicely late night after monitoring the VP election results on May 16, 2016. He was over one million votes ahead of Leni Robredo. Only to be shocked with nightmare upon learning from the early morning news that Robredo has the slim advantage. Such sudden twist of fate could not have happened if there’s no digital manipulation according to IT experts. They organize their own rallies not just to urge the SC for an immediate recount but also to console each other. One can cry hearing their sentiments. At this points, the solons are more into impeaching the Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Video by;  flick-clicks

[VIDEO]: Supporters of Bongbong Marcos can’t help but cry as they patiently wait to have a glimpse of him on his way to the Supreme Court.

The BBM Shout

The BBM shout fall on deaf ears as lawmakers are so inclined in the impeachment case of the Supreme Court Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. The impeachment complaint against Sereno, filed by lawyer Lorenzo Gadon, stems from her alleged failure to declare P37 million in professional fees as a private lawyer representing the government. This is in the case against Philippine International Air Terminals Co. Inc (Piatco), builder of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. However, the recount should also progress as her impeachment moves on.

The Chief Justice’s Last Recourse

The lawyers of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno said they are “strongly considering” seeking redress from the Supreme Court. This is after the House justice committee barred them from cross-examining witnesses against the top magistrate. But such a move would be the camp’s “last recourse.” All possible administrative actions are already exhausted, said lawyer-spokesperson Joshua Santiago.

Rights to Counsel

Sereno’s lawyers said that they would raise alleged violations to Sereno’s “fundamental” and elementary” rights to counsel and for her lawyers to cross-examine witnesses. This is their next step if their plans for the elevation of the case to the High Court would come to fruition.

Impeachment Update

The hearing, committee members grilled lawyer-complainant Lorenzo “Larry” Gadon on the basis and strength of his allegations against Sereno. Whatever the situation may be, the recount must be the priority to resolve the VP race conflict in the name of public interest. Delaying it further is adding insult to injury. Older Marcos loyalists are in pain for more than 30 years already since the time of. You can feel it from their crowd.

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  2. Escudero and Drilon shout “constutional crisis “over Sereno’s impeachment case.. bakit may respeto ba yan sa ating konstiyusyon? She is the CJ,but it is INJUSTICE that we get from her!

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