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Zubiri on BI Probe Reveals Trillanes’ Malicious Motives on Binay and Duterte – Plus Marcos Takeover


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Miguel Zubiri denies Trillanes’ allegation that he and Senator Gordon tries to whitewash the BI probe away from his committee. Trillanes also mentions that Zubiri is a cheater against Pimentel in the past. He retaliates by bringing up Trillanes being a rebel against the Arroyo administration and lucky that Pnoy pardons him. This is why he defends the yellow race every step of the way. He hints on the ill motives of Trillanes in investigating then Vice President Jejomar Binay and in exposing the alleged billions in secret bank accounts of Duterte.

Youtube video by; DUTERTE TRACKER

New VP in 2017

On a separate interview, Trillanes also discloses that while there is no specific timeline, he got information that Duterte’s allies are on the move to expedite the resolution of Marcos’ election protest. This is to allegedly prepare that by the time impeachment proceedings against the President is filed, no one would dare want him impeached for fear of putting Bongbong Marcos as the successor. Trillanes believes that it is only a matter of time for the Marcoses to be back in power.

Zubiri Addressed Pimentel

Zubiri tells Pimentel that Trillanes accuses the president who is his party mate, President Duterte, that he allegedly owns a P200-million bank account. He then challenges Trillanes to charge Binay and Duterte if he can. Then to fight him to his face and not through the media.

Trillanes Exists to Annoy

Trillanes is proud to be a rebel like it’s a badge of honor. He also advises Zubiri with regards to former Vice President Binay, to the Senate President who is the chairman of the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee during Binay’s unfair probe. He channels the propaganda or attack on Binay to Pimentel.

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Notable Libelous Senator

Despite redirecting Zubiri’s accusations, Trillanes is no doubt the notable figure attacking Binay and Duterte all the time on TV. In fact, he is only out on bail due to the libel cases he is still facing as charged by Binay. Why is this guy still a senator?

PH to have new VP in 2017 – Trillanes

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