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Toots Ople Reveals the Economic Recovery Plan of PBBM for OFWs and their Families


By: Elena Grace Flores

PH Latest
[VIDEO]: PBBM’s Plans for OFWs

Economic Recovery for OFWs

It’s a tear-jerker for OFWs to know the economic recovery plans of PBBM’s administration for the living heroes of the country. Toots Ople said that this does not involve only the Filipino Overseas Workers but also for their families.

Department of Migrant Workers

The recovery plan for the OFWs includes a housing project for them. Ople believes in the leadership of PBBM and she wants to help in her own little way. To lead the Department of Migrant Workers Department is a big step if ever.

Consultation Process

Specialization and competence are the main criteria for the selection for the head of the sector. This makes Ople happy to think about the position offered. However, she needs time to do consultation because she has an existing NGO to run. She takes it as a recognition of her many years of efforts in the industry.

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Senator Robin Padilla’s Mesmerizing Speech in 2 Minutes


By: Elena Grace Flores

Manila Bulletin Online
[VIDEO]: Senator-elect Robin Padilla receives his certificate of proclamation

Senator Robin Padilla is the Topnotcher

The number one senator in the recent proclamation of the 12 new law makers is no less than Senator Robin Padilla. His works as a civilian were highlighted particularly for the benefit of the marginalized Muslim brothers. Not to mention his preschool foundation for underprivileged children in Quezon City.

Challenges in Life

Despite Senator Robin Padilla’s popularity. His life is also full of challenges. His landing in the top spot is a proof that one is not defined by his past. He was in jail for illegal possession of fire arms during the dark times of his life. He calls for Federalism reforms.

Another Ferdinand

Robinhood Ferdinand “Robin” Cariño Padilla surprisingly is another Ferdinand. The presumptive president for one, Bongbong Marcos is Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. If there’s one quality that comes with the name, it’s either one can love or hate them. His less than 2 minutes speech ends with: It’s late in the evening and I feel wonderful tonight! Mesmerizing indeed! No wonder he got more than 26 million votes.

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Be Inspired with the Marcos Cord Blood Ties in Times of Divisiveness

cord blood

By: Elena Grace Flores

Showbiz Philippines
[VIDEO]: The handsome grandchildren of the late President Ferdinand Marcos

The Marcos Cord Blood Ties

While the Dilawans are mourning, the Marcos loyalists can’t help but sometimes retaliate to their bitterness. However, despite the negative feeding of some mainstream media outlets, there are newsworthy tales that can alleviate the grudge. Let’s look at the Marcos cord blood ties between the handsome grandchildren of the late president Ferdinand Marcos and the beautiful, Imelda Romualdez Marcos.

Beauty, Brains and Sex Appeal

Coming from the same cord blood ties, the grandchildren of the Marcoses all have beauty, brains, and oozing sex appeal. Take the case of Senator Imee Marcos’ first son, Borgy Manotoc. The hunk model was studying in London. The tall, dark, and handsome man is notable for his superb ex-girlfriends. Atty. Michael Manotoc on the other hand is a great lawyer who finished his studies in New York. He’s the middle child while Governor Matthew Manotoc, the youngest, follows his mother’s footsteps in public service. Therefore, the excellent Marcos clan continues to dominate the scene.

The Passion of Attorney Liza

Irene’s children are, Louise Mariano Constantino Araneta who is like a Korean leading man. And Alfonso Fernando Marcos Araneta. The second son joins the Araneta conglomerate. Presumptive president Bongbong Marcos’s children need no introduction. Sandro, Simon, and Vincent excel during the campaign period and all throughout. So, Filipinos must be so proud to have a leader from the blessed clan.

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The Attorney First Lady of the Philippines


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sa Iyong Araw
[VIDEO]: Getting to know First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos

The Attorney First Lady

The new first lady of the Philippines, Attorney Liza Araneta-Marcos comes from the prominent Araneta clan. Despite the status of her family, she remains humble, kind, and gentle to others. Her love for the family is second to none.

Love is Greater than Hate

Attorney Liza comes from an opposing clan of the Marcoses. However, they are not the fighting type. Respect is the key to their harmonious relationship. In fact, Bongbong Marcos is the favorite son-in-law of Liza’s family. This proves that love is greater than hate and the key to unity.

The Passion of Attorney Liza

Teaching is the real passion of Attorney Liza. She’s a law professor at the Mariano Marcos State University, St. Louie University, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, North Western and Far Eastern University. She goes to the verge of sacrificing her salary just to help fund her students’ expenses.

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Sandro Marcos Shows an Example of How to Respect a Notorious Political Detractor

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Sandro Marcos shows respect to Rowena Guanzon, a notorious political detractor of his father.

Sandro Marcos Still Respects Guanzon

In a mere coincidence, Sandro Marcos crosses path with his father’s below-the-belt critic, former Comelec commissioner, Rowena Guanzon. The congressman-elect from Ilocos Norte serves an example to Marcos supporters after Bongbong Marcos’ majority victory.

Respectful and Courteous

With respect and courtesy, Sandro Marcos greeted Guanzon, shaked her hand, and exchanged pleasantries with her naturally with enthusiasm. No signs of awkwardness despite the bullying stunts of Guanzon on his father during the campaign period.

Guanzon’s Reply

In a separate video, Guanzon seems not surprise of Sandro’s gestures. She said, “of course we come from good families. So, we act according to good moral standards.” Such example should multiply to finally unite the Filipino people.

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Matched Details of BBM’s Victory are Too Much of a Coincidence from Nostradamus’ Predictions


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Did you believe Nostradamus’ predictions on Bongbong Marcos?

Nostradamus’ Prediction is Right

Bongbong Marcos becomes the 17th president of the Philippines. The hints on his birth year, year of presidency, and repeated name all coincide with Nostradamus’ prediction. Marcos has a majority win with more than 31 million votes. His margin from the toughest rival, VP Leni Robredo is 17 million. That puts an end to the yellow faction.

The 16th President is the Way

The Philippines is very blessed to have a brilliant president in the person of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. His winning techniques to prepare the way for BBM were second to none. Nostradamus even hints on this in his prediction. His vague accusation, praises, non-endorsement of the man made the opponents wonder.

The Golden Era

Now that many details in the prophecy already happened, it is interesting to note that Bongbong Marcos will allegedly lead the Philippines in another golden era. Now, who can dispute this again?

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Showbiz Personalities who Felt Like Winners with BBM’s Majority Win


By: Elena Grace Flores

Showbiz Philippines
[VIDEO]: Reactions of Showbiz Personality Supporters to the BBM-Sara Win

Hatred to BBM Never Translates to Votes

Calling BBM supporters online trolls can give insult in a big way. Just like the case of comedian, Juliana Parizcova Segovia. She’s accused of being a troll who’s just after the money. But as Director, Daryl Yap said. Only the truths can hurt, hatred will never translate to votes, and Lenlen will never be president. He’s indeed right.

Personal Ties are Stronger than Politics

Isabel Daza gleefully tweets her happiness for the good news that her Ninong is now the presumptive 17th president of the Philippines. BBM is just like her second father. Director Paul Soriano whom BBM calls a creative genius successfully showed in his work the true colors of the incoming president. This was through ad materials and political campaigns. Toni Gonzaga can never go wrong that the Marcos family can already go back to their home very soon.

Goodness of Character Excels

Randy Santiago knows that the Uniteam can uplift the country because they are the only ones who are for unity. Lucy Torres and Richard Gomez also proved that BBM helped during disasters. Dawn Zulueta and her husband, Antonio Lagdameo are good friends of the Marcoses. Andrew E’s compositions made the goodness of BBM and Sara excel. Ai-Ai de las Alas is happy about their win. Carla Estrada gets criticisms before but appreciation now. Mariel Padilla is not only grateful for the Uniteam’s victory but for her husband’s number one spot in the Senate.

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Kylie Padilla is Proud of her Father who’s Now a Presumptive Senator


By: Elena Grace Flores

GMA News
[VIDEO]: Kylie Padilla is Proud of her Father, Robin Padilla

Number One Senator

Kylie Padilla, the daughter of the number one senator, Robin Padilla is very proud of him. She said that she’s not surprised for him to get the number one seat in the senate. Her father is naturally helpful. So, many people would definitely vote for him, she added.

Scared but Happy for her Father

Kylie is scared that finally her father is officially in politics because of its chaotic nature. However, as she thinks of his intention to help as much people as he can, being a senator is a good platform for him to do that. So, she’s happy that his wish came true.

Having a Father-Senator

Having a father-senator has not sank-in yet in Kylie’s mind. She thought that there’s no way for it to happen. Because his father always refuse to enter politics in the past. Perhaps when she can already talk to him about it then that’s the time to believe it. For now, she’s just proud and happy for him.

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Bongbong Marcos’ Tough Answer to Student Activists


By: Elena Grace Flores

Manila Bulletin Online
[VIDEO]: Bongbong reveals Sara’s preferred Cabinet post

Education Secretary

Presumptive president, Bongbong Marcos reveals that VP Sara Duterte prefers to be the Secretary of Education in his Cabinet. The announcement is very timely. Student activists flood the streets of some areas in Manila. They want to contest his presidency. These groups are afraid that alleged brutal incidents during his father’s time would happen again. It is, however, baseless.

A Challenging Job

The job of a Department of Education Secretary is very challenging, said Bongbong Marcos. He appreciates his VP’s willingness to accept the offer right away. She’s the first nominee in his cabinet. He sits down with experts in various fields every day. Especially in finance, agriculture, energy, and other sectors. There would be daily updates.

Pandemic Recovery

The economic czars are very important to be able to facilitate the pandemic recovery. Since more than 31 Filipinos are happy with Uniteam’s unity message, they would come from different parties. For as long as they are the best in their field. This is the same with the other sectors. No more political colors.

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Bongbong Marcos Gets the Majority Votes More Than President Duterte’s Landslide Votes in 2016

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: President Duterte thanks fellow Davaoeños for support throughout presidency after casting vote

Bongbong Marcos did not Get President Duterte’s Endorsement

After casting his vote, President Rodrigo Duterte thanked his fellow Davaoeños for their support throughout his presidency. He also seeks their support for his children for future posts. Since they have finished voting for this election. He did not endorse Bongbong Marcos for President, his daughter’s running mate. But that strategy seems working for Marcos well.

Majority vs. Landslide Votes

President Duterte had a landslide vote in 2016. He got 16,601,997 that enabled him to have a powerful win. Which was 39.01% of the electorate. Next in line was Mar Roxas with 9,978,175 votes. The wide gap made it so. On the other hand, Bongbong Marcos gets 31,025,008 at 98.06% precincts reporting as of May 10, 2022 6:56PM. Which is 58.75% of the electorate already. Leni Robredo is far tailing at 14,786,906 votes.

An Effective Strategy

Without the endorsement of President Duterte, Bongbong Marcos won’t inherit the war on drugs accusations. Plus the black propaganda against the Duterte administration. He can’t be accused of cheating also. Since he’s not the administration bet. The majority of the president’s supporters followed his daughter’s choice of president anyway. Some went to Isko Moreno, Manny Pacquiao or Ping Lacson. But never to Leni Robredo because they can’t swallow her criticisms against the Filipino leader. So, it’s safe for BBM.