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Zubiri on BI Probe Reveals Trillanes’ Malicious Motives on Binay and Duterte – Plus Marcos Takeover


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Miguel Zubiri denies Trillanes’ allegation that he and Senator Gordon tries to whitewash the BI probe away from his committee. Trillanes also mentions that Zubiri is a cheater against Pimentel in the past. He retaliates by bringing up Trillanes being a rebel against the Arroyo administration and lucky that Pnoy pardons him. This is why he defends the yellow race every step of the way. He hints on the ill motives of Trillanes in investigating then Vice President Jejomar Binay and in exposing the alleged billions in secret bank accounts of Duterte.

Youtube video by; DUTERTE TRACKER

New VP in 2017

On a separate interview, Trillanes also discloses that while there is no specific timeline, he got information that Duterte’s allies are on the move to expedite the resolution of Marcos’ election protest. This is to allegedly prepare that by the time impeachment proceedings against the President is filed, no one would dare want him impeached for fear of putting Bongbong Marcos as the successor. Trillanes believes that it is only a matter of time for the Marcoses to be back in power.

Zubiri Addressed Pimentel

Zubiri tells Pimentel that Trillanes accuses the president who is his party mate, President Duterte, that he allegedly owns a P200-million bank account. He then challenges Trillanes to charge Binay and Duterte if he can. Then to fight him to his face and not through the media.

Trillanes Exists to Annoy

Trillanes is proud to be a rebel like it’s a badge of honor. He also advises Zubiri with regards to former Vice President Binay, to the Senate President who is the chairman of the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee during Binay’s unfair probe. He channels the propaganda or attack on Binay to Pimentel.

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Notable Libelous Senator

Despite redirecting Zubiri’s accusations, Trillanes is no doubt the notable figure attacking Binay and Duterte all the time on TV. In fact, he is only out on bail due to the libel cases he is still facing as charged by Binay. Why is this guy still a senator?

PH to have new VP in 2017 – Trillanes

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Why Pnoy almost Abolished the PCGG?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Immediately after the EDSA revolution, then President Cory Aquino’s first executive order is to create the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG). It is n agency that aims to chase corrupt officials, recover their loot, and implements measures to stop corruption.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: The Aquino government first executive order was to create the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG).

First Objective of the PCGG

To recover the alleged ill-gotten wealth of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, his immediate family, relatives, subordinates and close associates here and abroad becomes the primary task of the PCGG.

Prevent Corruption

To conduct such investigations that pertain to graft and corruption as the President may assign to the Commission at any given time comes next to the agency’s responsibilities. The agency adopts of security means to ensure that corruption practices shall not be repeated in any case under the Aquino government. The institution installs adequate measures to prevent the occurrence of corruption.

Original Team is Gone

Jovito Salonga and Mary Concepcion Bautista who operated the original PCGG are man and woman of integrity. It is staffed by lawyers and researchers with annual budgets, that comes up with the initial resolve that leads people to think that it was, the primary agency of government tasked with returning stolen wealth.

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PCGG Under Pnoy

When Pnoy becomes president in 2010, many hopes that his anticorruption platform would let the PCGG to finish its job. Yet a look at the PNOY presidency raises more questions, as its directives let PCGG left a question mark for many. PCGG falls under the supervision of the Department of Justice, the previous DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima who reportedly sought its abolition. Why would Pnoy abolish the PCGG when a lot of work still remains unfinished? Where’s the sequestered wealth?

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Bongbong Marcos Urges SC to Take Action on Comelec’s Disregarding SD Cards Decryption


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The process of decrypting SD cards have been done so many times in the past and so now we’re wondering why Comelec can’t seem to do it now, Rodriguez said on behalf of the Marcos camp.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Unang Balita is the news segment of GMA Network’s daily morning program, Unang Hirit. It’s anchored by Rhea Santos and Arnold Clavio, and airs on GMA-7 Mondays to Fridays at 5:15 AM (PHL Time). For more videos from Unang Balita,

Speculations Arise

The Comelec’s failure to decrypt the unused SD cards with data results to Marcos camp’s insisting that one possible reason is that the SD cards are tampered with. Another theory is the existence of a defective tool to decrypt data or the existence software that is not authorized.

Unauthorized Software Found

Comelec cannot blame the Marcos camp because their IT representatives find a program in the SD cards in question that is compatible only with Windows operating system.Linux is the system Smartmatic uses to format the SD cards.

No Explanation can Draw Unfavorable Conclusions

The Marcos camp claims that the presence of data in SD cards of supposedly unused VCMs proves the existence of electoral fraud. Who can dispute that if no explanations are given? In the first place, it’s against the law.

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Robredo Camp’s Verbal Defenses are No Good

Macalintals, bionic, dreaming and exhilarating remarks do not do them any good. They should also urge the Comelec to follow the election protocol or else they cannot deny that they connive with each other.

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Common Sense on Marcos Electoral Protest: Unused SD Cards with Data is Obviously Corrupt

Marcos electoral protest

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The decryption of 26 SD cards with data at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) office in Intramuros, Manila, lawyer Victor Rodriguez, spokesman of Marcos, said the fact that the SD cards are corrupted at the very beginning, it is enough to prove that there’s fraud during the last May 2016 elections.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: THE camp of former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Monday asserted that data found in many of the secure digital (SD) cards retrieved from supposedly unused vote-counting machines (VCMs) strengthened their election protest.

Denial and Lies

Robredo’s camp can deny or lie about it but the discovery of the data in unused SD cards strengthens the position of Bongbong Marcos saying that massive fraud happens in the last elections. SD cards from unused VCM should be empty. That certainly bolsters Marcos’ position.

Stripping Pressure

Marcos lawyers oppose the stripping of the unused VCMs in violation of the protective precautionary order issued by the PET. Its purpose is to preserve the integrity of the ballot boxes and other equipment used in the last elections. Despite the plea, the Comelec seems to rush with it and threatens to charge Marcos for the delay of the VCMs return to Smartmatic on October 26, 2016.

Credibility of Philippine Elections

The Philippines is noted to have very fraudulent elections. Lawmakers opt for the digital system to hopefully give faster and cleaner results. However, the evidence gathered by the Marcos camp prove otherwise. The last election is the dirtiest and most fraudulent election the country ever had.

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Bongbong Marcos’ Protest is the Fight for All Filipinos

The Marcos camp vows to fight until the very end – because the integrity of the country’s election system is at stake. They would not stop until all the fraud and machinations are exposed. Filipinos must be vigilant that the culprits cannot carry out the same cheating methods in future elections.

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Technology Expert’s Analysis: Data in Unused SD Cards Can Corrupt Election Files

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

No one speculates the facts from the Bongbong Marcos camp. The data in unused SD cards corrupts the election files. An SD card is a type of memory card typically used in digital cameras and other portable devices. To avoid corrupt files, formatting SD Cards is necessary. Smartmatic fails to do this.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Former senator Bongbong Marcos says data found in some SD cards retrieved from supposedly unused vote-counting machines prove there was fraud in the 2016 elections.

Inquirer’s Opinion

According to Inquirer, the claims of the camp of Bongbong Marcos of election fraud in the decryption of secure digital (SD) memory cards are speculative and not automatically accurate is inaccurate. It is because the technical term of an unused SD card with data is “corrupted.” Thereby, anything that is stored in there are corrupted files. Since the files are corrupt, there is fraud.

Continued Decryption is Delaying Electoral Protest ruling

The decrypting process of the rest of the 127 SD cards is a delaying tactic of the Comelec. The poll body cannot provide a timeline on when the decryption of the 127 SD cards will be finished.

Further Decryption of SD cards Unnecessary

Contrary to Robredo’s camp, the most prudent course of action now is not to wait for the result of the decrypting process. The data retrieved from the first 13 SD cards must be disclosed to the public.

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Show Data for Expert and Public Analysis

To cut the story short, Comelec only has to show the data in the first 13 SD cards. If they fail to do this immediately, they are obviously hiding something. Delay of such act is highly speculative.

Memory Card Best Practices: 15 Things You Should Already Be Doing


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Macalintal’s Technology Ignorance: Hallucination and Bionic Remarks Against Bongbong Marcos over Unused SD Cards with Data

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Veteran election lawyer, Atty. Romulo Macalintal shows his ancient age with his remarks on the finding that the unused SD cards indeed have data on them. His comments that Bongbong Marcos’ camp is either hallucinating or have bionic eyes do not only prove that he is clueless about technology – but he lacks common sense as well.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo’s election lawyer Romulo Macalintal says the process of decrypting the SD cards is not yet complete for anyone to claim there is proof of election fraud.

Smartmatic Provides Used SD Cards for a Hefty Price?

If Macalintal is right then it’s Smartmatic who provides used election tools for the price of new gadgets which the total price amounts to billions of pesos. In any case, it is still fraudulent in the part of Smartmatic. How could then the Comelec allow such an unfair trade for the Filipino people?

Who does not Understand the Digital Election Process?

Macalintal calls the proof “baseless.” He said it also proves that the Marcos camp does not understand the digital election protest process. The protest ruling does not depend on the basis of SD cards but the ballots actually cast in the VCMs. “The results must match with the election returns, statement of votes, and other election documents,” he said.

Bionic Eyes VS. Common Sense

“The camp of Marcos must have a bionic mind or bionic eyes to be able to read these encrypted data and immediately claim that there were electoral frauds committed in the said election,” Macalintal added. 13 of the 26 SD cards have folders in them with data. Although the decryption process is still ongoing, it brings down to why the Comelec uses used SD cards for such a very important event in the country?

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Internet Era and Ancient Minds do not Match

Macalintal should consider retirement now. Bongbong Marcos’ camp is right. The fact that there are data in unused SD cards, there is fraud in every angle. One, Comelec may have cheated in terms of overpricing – buying old items for the price of new. Two, there’s a connivance with the winning V.P.’s political party. This is what SC is finding out.

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Electoral Protest of Bongbong Marcos Leads to the Discovery of Biggest Digital Election Fraud

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Smartmatic decrypts 26 SD cards where 13 of them have folders that contain data in them. It is very unlikely why some of the 120 SD cards have data in them when they come from unused VCMs kits. This supports the Marcos camp’s protest that SC preserves the VCMs until the election protest finishes because they are vital in the protest.

Youtube video by; EagleNews PH
[VIDEO]: The camp of Bongbong Marcos challenged the Comelec to show the content of supposed to be unused SD cards that are suspected to be used.

Decryption is still Ongoing

The Comelec decrypts of 26 of the 127 SD cards found to have data during the stripping of 1,356 unused VCMs last October 2016. This still goes on until they finish all the 127 SD cards.

A Booster of Marcos’ Position

This strengthens the position of Bongbong Marcos that massive fraud indeed happens during the last elections. SD cards from unused VCMs should be empty. Marcos lawyer, Victor Rodriguez confirms that they have data in them. He also serves as the spokesperson of Marcos.

Hurdles along the Way

It is not easy for the Marcos camp to continue the fight against Vice President Leni Robredo’s occupying the second highest position in the land. The discovery inspires Marcos’ team to not surrender.

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Dedicated to Fight Until the End

There is no way that Bongbong Marcos stops his electoral protest against Robredo, especially now that even without knowing the content yet, it’s already proven that there’s indeed cheating since data exist in SD cards that are declared unused. That is already a clear lie!

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Martial Law Compensation: A Case of Justice Delayed But not Denied?

Martial Law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

How can the heirs of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos deny the justice of alleged victims of Martial Law abuses – when their assets are already forcibly taken by the PCGG to allegedly pay the human rights victims? However, the government is into the new challenge to really prove that it’s Marcos who is responsible for the abuses – or else, the compensation won’t be released.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: The Court of Appeals has rejected the Marcos family’s attempt to delay trial at a Makati court of a civil case filed by victims of human rights violations during the Marcos regime necessary to validate a foreign decision.

$2 Billion Dispute

In 1992, the US District Court for the District of Hawaii finds Marcos personally liable for the human rights abuses committed under his leadership. The court awards the victims $2 billion in damages, sourced from funds that are allegedly ill-gotten. They are under the possession of PCGG which are more than enough to pay the said compensation.

Appeal Result

On appeal, it takes 8 years for the Supreme Court of the Philippines to consider the issue. It eventually delivers its opinion. The court offers no explanation for its delay. In 2007, the Human Rights Committee of the UN (HRC) publishes a communication in which it concludes that the Philippines government violates the victim’s rights under the ICCPR due to the unreasonable amount of time it had taken to consider “a matter of minor complexity.” The HRC requests that the government compensate the victims promptly to resolve the case.

Aquino’s Delayed Action

Former President Benigno Aquino III signs the Human Rights Victims (Reparation and Recognition) Act into law on February 25, 2013. It addresses the human rights abuses allegedly takes place under former President Ferdinand Marcos’ government from 1972 to 1986.

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Condition on Foreign Decision

Rules 38 Section 48 of the Philippine Rules of Court, the country recognizes and enforces a foreign decision only through a case filed before the Philippine court. Therefore, the complainants file a suit at the Makati RTC in 1997. Initially, the regional court dismisses the suit, stating that the victims are required to pay a filing fee of $8.4 million, based on the $2 billion in dispute. The irony now is, what if after thorough questioning, the courts finds out that Marcos should not be held responsible but the Philippine Constabulary’s chief? Will they also charge the culprit the same as the Marcoses?

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Bongbong Marcos: Martial Law Human Rights Compensations are Paid through PCGG Win or Lose

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Media make it look so bad for the Marcoses who allegedly delay the hearings for the human rights violation compensation. this amounts to 1.9 billion dollars or rounded off at $2 billion. The Marcoses’ plea is only for 30 days extension. Pnoy acts on it only after more than 8 years from the US court ruling.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Senator Bongbong Marcos has taken the top spot in the recent vice presidential survey. But he continues to be hounded by Martial Law victims demanding compensation for the atrocities they endured under his father’s rule.

Damages are Paid

Win or lose, the Marcoses’ paid the damages, guilty or not. PCGG already has the funds from the sequestered wealth of the Marcoses. The Marcoses’ counsel team only asks for a bit of delay since they are still facing petitions against the late Marcos’ burial and Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against vice President Leni Robredo. The delay does not mean they don’t want to pay because they have paid long before the verdict.

$3.6 Billion in Cash is with the PCGG

The Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) gets at least P170 billion (nearly $3.6 billion) in cash from the Swiss Bank deposits. Other luxury assets such as paintings and jewelries are the ones under the petition of Imelda Marcos to be returned. Those are not blocking any payment that should be under the control of the government.

Guilty before the Verdict

Once the hearings continue, discussions take time as well. PCGG still holds the wealth that should hold interests. What if the ruling overturns and finds the Marcoses innocent of Martial Law crimes and hold former President Fidel Ramos responsible instead? Will PCGG returns Marcos’ wealth?

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Bongbong Marcos: Up to the Government

So, if the late Ferdinand Marcos is set free, can they charge the same amount to the real culprit if ever? Is this the reason why after 8 years of delay by the Aquinos’, the process is fast tracked to reach an immediate verdict and silenced the alleged Martial Law victims? Bongbong Marcos during the campaign period said that the payment of the compensation is the government’s discretion.

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Bed Anomalies Follow After Binay’s Furniture Case Acquittal: SC’s Decision Can’t be Affected by Bias Magistrate’s Partiality


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former Makati Mayor Elenita Binay and wife of Former Vice President Jejomar Binay asks Presiding Justice Amparo Cabotaje-Tang to inhibit from hearing her cases over doubts on her impartiality and independence. The remarks that the magistrate made during a hearing in October last year gives Binay the impression of her being bias against her. The Sandiganbayan, however, assures Binay that “bare allegations” of a judge or partiality will not suffice, as per the recent rulings by the Supreme Court.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Former Makati Mayor Elenita Binay related in malversation case bail out P70,000 in the 3rd division of the Sandiganbayan.

Binay’s Request

Binay’s request to re-raffle her four pending cases to other divisions and hold separate trials for them in a 20-page resolution promulgated on Jan. 13. It is denied by the anti-graft court’s Special Third Division.

Sandiganbayan’s Clarification

In Tang’s case, the Sandiganbayan explains that she only asked Binay’s counsel during the hearing whether the motion for re-raffle was a motion for inhibition and the legal basis for it. It is so because asking other divisions to handle the cases would have the effect of a recusal.

Concrete Proof

The Sandiganbayan explains that unless there is concrete proof that a judge has a personal interest in the proceedings and the bias comes from an extrajudicial source, that’s when the request can be granted.

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Another Accusation

Such case is the alleged anomalous purchase of beds worth P36.43 million and P8.83-million worth of medical equipment for the Ospital ng Makati in 2001 without holding public bidding. Binay is already acquitted in the anomalous P13-million purchase of office furniture for the new Makati City Hall building. These cases are filed allegedly by the family’s political enemies over their support of Bongbong Marcos.

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‘Die Beautiful’ Best Actor Paolo Ballesteros Surprises Audience In Every Celebrity Transformation

Die Beautiful

By: Danilo Flores II

By now, it’s pretty needless to talk about the awards “Die Beautiful” has gotten or how many international film fests this has been invited to. This is one of the Filipino movies that no longer needs domestic validation from Filipinos too. From the buzz it is making online, Director Jun Lana and Paolo Ballesteros definitely could not ask for more.

Youtube video by; Regal Entertainment, Inc.
[VIDEO]: Can you guess how many make-up transformation Paolo Ballesteros did in this movie?

Life & Death Of Tricia in “Die Beautiful”


Some of the viewers were expecting that “Die Beautiful” would reveal some jaw-dropping twist, a “whoah!” bomb that would surprise audiences while watching. I thought that this twist would be about how Tricia (Paolo Ballesteros) died.

But that didn’t happen. Yet, it wasn’t really a disappointment. It’s because the movie’s narrative was a beautiful irony to everyone’s expectation. Viewers were waiting for the story to elaborate on the specific details of his death because he wanted to “Die Beautiful.”

However, the story wasn’t really about her death but focused more on how Tricia lived his/her beautiful life. This is made even better with her total transformation to different famous Hollywood Celebrities, that made it somewhat different from other Filipino movies in the Metro Manila Film Festival.

Paolo Ballesteros’ Makeup Transformation

Award-winning actor Paolo Ballesteros have already made noise in social media about his versatility in imitating the looks of famous celebrity which he did all by himself. In “Die Beautiful” this talent was showcased.

Plenty of celebrities, both local and international have been shown in the film as the result of Tricia’s makeup transformation. We have Regine Velasquez, Melanie Marquez, Jacklyn Jose and Iza Calsado. For Hollywood, we can see Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Beyonce.

Social Impact On LGBT Community

“Die Beautiful’s” relatability, along with its social commentary on Philippines’ still-uncomfortable acceptance of the LGBT community, is its best asset. The living proof of that is Barbs, the character played by the newcomer Christian Bables.

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This guy, I believe, equally deserves best supporting actor accolades from everywhere. Tricia and Barbs’ chemistry, carrying the language and behavior we have all grown to love in recent times, is definitely why “Die Beautiful” is one of this year’s easy favorites.

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Marcos Ways: Sulu Investments can Stop Kidnappings – Korean, Filipino Hostages Freed


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Peace process secretary Jesus Dureza announces that Korean captain Park Chul Hong and his Filipino crewman Glenn Alindaja are released by their kidnap for ransom captors. He is thankful for the community efforts that help in the release of such prisoners. The local government in Sulu is hopeful that big businesses continue to be established in their area that aid the people with their livelihood. This will prevent them from joining the insurgency groups.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Two hostages in Sulu have been freed by the Abu Sayyaf on Saturday.

Abu Sayyaf Responsible?

Park and Alindaja were abducted on a south Korean cargo vessel by suspected Abu Sayyaf terrorists off Bongao, Tawi-Tawi on October 2016. However, Dureza cannot confirm if the captors are really ASG members since they are heavily masked.

Community Efforts

It is evident here that authorities cannot make immediate arrests on responsible people for the kidnapping – but the community efforts in the area are obvious in the negotiation process. It is a government policy not to give ransom. However, the promise of the investments from big businessmen for Sulu is vital for the community to help out.

Marcos Economic Policy

In the speech of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, he stresses the structural adjustment program support. Key industries, nonconventional, and rural-based sources of energy are developed. Exportation of goods and services are encouraged according to the country’s comparative advantage and complemented by tourism promotion and increased collaboration with other countries on mutually profitable ventures. This should maximize foreign exchange earnings.

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The Sulu Promise is in Line with the Mindanao Development

Former President Marcos’s solution to poverty that can stop insurgencies is already in place. President Duterte is clever enough to continue those plans that are proven vital to present circumstances. Unlike during the Aquinos’ two terms in the presidency, all plans of Marcos are straight to the garbage.

Speech of President Marcos on the Philippines’ program for economic recovery and growth

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US-China War on South China Sea: Philippines Tightens Ties with China while U.S. Provokes Nuclear War?

US-China War

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi said that there will be an energy meeting in China soon that is a clear indication that President Duterte’s state visit to China late last year was a success and is now generating benefits for the country. President Rodrigo Duterte is very vocal in his criticisms of the United States during the Obama administration. He is consistent, however, to pursue a stronger relationship with China and Russia. Meanwhile, incoming US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson provokes the Chinese when he said that they should be prevented from occupying artificial islands they built in parts of the South China Sea that China is disputing with the Philippines and other countries.

Youtube video by; The Infographics Show
[VIDEO]: In the year 2016, China and the United States are both world superpowers. They have similarly matched military, even though the United States spends a lot more money. In this military comparison, we are comparing China and USA, to see how they match up against each other and see who would win. Who do you think would win in a fight between China and the United States (air force, navy, nuclear, etc)? Which military is stronger and smarter? Also, let us know which military comparison we should do next!

Duterte’s Friendly Terms with China

President Rodrigo Duterte’s state visit to China last year creates a stir when he introduces Bongbong Marcos to a group of Chinese businessmen as the new Vice President if he wins the electoral protest. Marcos also is very active in many business gatherings under the Duterte administration that involve the local Chinese businessmen or the Filipino-Chinese groups.

Why do the Americans Provoke US-China War?

Unless Washington plans to wage a large-scale war in the South China Sea, approaches to prevent Chinese access to the islands will be interfering with other countries. Tillerson, who is a former ExxonMobile chief executive officer, told US senators that he would seek to deny Beijing access to the artificial islands that China has been building in the South China Sea. He noted that China’s actions in the region are similar to Russia’s invasion of Crimea. This is a careless a comment that can easily provoke the nuclear-armed Asian giant which is China for the US-China war.

Asian Alliance is Crucial for U.S. to win the War with China

It is not the Philippines that needs the Americans at this era. Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines are U.S. allies in terms of foreign policy but might be changing soon. The Philippine’s president Duterte is determined to be friends with China the same as during Marcos’ time. The Prime Minister of Japan also recently visited the Philippines and even Mindanao to strengthen bilateral efforts between the two countries. The U.S. can have war with China – but should not use the South China Sea dispute the ignite it – since negotiations are ongoing in the region for peace’s sake.

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Disaster of Nuclear War

What is America trying to do? Set a military base in Korea and fight a nuclear war with China? Given the distance, it’s the Asia-Pacific region that is the recipient of the massive disaster. The U.S. is safe at the other end. What happened to the humanitarian principle they kept on accusing President Duterte who is allegedly violating it?

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Irreconcilable Differences: Robredo Urged Millennials to go against Duterte’s Warfare Tactics


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Vice President Leni Robredo who falsely vows to still continue working with President Duterte shows her rebellious side again. In her Peace Congress of the EDSA Ortigas Consortium of Schools speech, she said that she believes millennials care. Modern technology puts them also in the perfect position to protect the greater good. Her audience is the students at the La Salle Greenhills in Mandaluyong City recently. This statement criticizes the President’s strategy once more: “In protecting the Filipino people and the interests of our nation, we must not resort to the brutality of warfare,: says Robredo.

Youtube video by; Thinking Minds
[VIDEO]: Duterte’s common sense: No progress or development can come to a country or city without peace and order. If there is crime, violence against the law-abiding, and corruption, there will be no progress.

Opposition Leader

The Vice President is now the leading opposition figure after quitting President Duterte’s Cabinet in December. She clarifies that in urging the millennials to fight against warfare abuses, she did not mean it literally – but through peaceful means. This is Pnoy’s strategy as well with the Malaysian invaders. When the Royal Sultanate Armies claimed Sabah in Lahad Dahu, instead of backing them up, he negotiates with the Malaysians to do whatever they wish to the armed men to keep the ties of both countries. Not thinking that they just wished to come home to their families. Most of these brave Filipinos were massacred with the approval of then-President Simeon Benigno Aquino III.

Marcos’ Disciplinary Actions

President Duterte is firm when saying that No progress or development can come to a country or city without peace and order. Discipline is a must – and Duterte agrees with the tough disciplinary measures of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. This is evident during the feast of the Black Nazarene and the Sinulog Festival in Cebu. Military visibility is rampant in every 6 meters of the procession. Suspicious people are nabbed even before they can commit crimes.

Duterte, Political Genius – Robredo, Political Prostitute

Adapting Marcos’ warfare tactics in solving crimes and corruption problems in the Philippines made President Duterte a political genius. Meanwhile, his Vice President is busy roaming around to give speeches here and abroad contradicting the president’s moves. She only follows Pnoy’s or the Liberal Party’s takes on things. This has made her a political prostitute, allowing the libelous party to use her.

Phone Protection: NQ Mobile Security 2 years or NQ Mobile Security 1 year

Not Fit for the Vice Presidency

Leni Robredo’s V.P. post might be short-lived if Bongbong Marcos wins the electoral protest. However, it is already obvious that her character is not fitting to the Vice Presidency. She should have follows former Vice President Jejomar Binay’s ways in dealing with his president who belongs to a different party. By being lenient with his disagreements, lots of compromises and staying away from self-promotions until he decided to run for president, Binay was never a threat to the country’s destabilization.

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Marcos Warfare Tactics: Intimidated by President Duterte, you must be a Criminal


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Jose Manuel Diokno, the dean of De La Salle University (Law) and son of the late anti-martial law stalwart Jose W. Diokno, recalls how the late President Ferdinand Marcos sow fear against communists and criminals to justify his political crackdown. This is the same today as President Rodrigo Dutertes’s war on drugs. Why are other leaders not aware of this? Watch the video to understand better:

Youtube video by; ALL ABOUT NEWS
[VIDEO]: ALAMIN ANG TOTOONG DAHILAN Kung Bakit Galit si Duterte sa Mga Criminal

Forfeiting Human Rights of Criminals

As a lawyer and prosecutor for many years, President Duterte knows the limit of his war on drugs. He can’t be intimidated by the extra-judicial killings done by drug criminals and outlaws. It should be the other way around. Criminals must be intimidated by Duterte’s public pronouncements because he will not hesitate to punish criminals – with the instant death penalty if they endanger the lives of law enforcers and citizens of the country.

Watching Filipinos Killing Each Other is the Most Painful for a Leader

Bongbong Marcos, the son of the late strongman sympathises with Duterte because watching Filipinos killing each other that results from the war on drugs, is the most painful thing for a leader to watch.  Marcos said that Filipinos are no longer concerned about human rights abuses committed under his father’s rule who applied the same tactic as Duterte. This angers activists who said he wants people to forget his father’s dictatorship. Filipinos these days are more concerned about their livelihood, crime and other day-to-day problems.

Instilling Fear to Criminals is a Warfare Tactic

Why should people be afraid to go out to public places? It should be the criminals who must hide from Duterte’s wrath. Intimidation is an effective form of warning the criminals firmly that they will surely be punished if they commit a crime. Si, if one is intimidated by Duterte, he or she has the tendency to be criminal.

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Duterte, a Political Genius

Duterte is proud enough to announce that he admires the late Marcos and his support to the son, Bongbong Marcos. He has seen the effectiveness of the Marcos regime when it comes to discipline. As people can see on billboards, the warnings on the streets should not be there if Filipinos are disciplined enough to follow the rules. Duterte’s moves are just right for today’s cultural behavior of the masses.