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This is How Rebellion has Tampered Education in the Philippines


By: Elena Grace Flores

Recounts of a witness about Kabayan Party List’s Rebel Recruitment

Rebellion has Tampered Education

The witness narrates how a party-list member recruited him to join a rebel group from his university. Later on, he became a recruiter himself. Instilling hatred towards the government is common during meetings. Promises of financial support and education scholarships are also part of the process. These recruits never get to see the fulfillment of those offers. They end up dead in the mountains during encounters with the military.

Vulnerable Students

The youth from low-income families are prone to rebel recruiters. Those who have some misunderstandings with parents can easily be recruited, the witness said. He decided to surrender when he realized that the military in many instances did not hurt him. Instead, it’s the party list leaders who did not give the promised education scholarship of his recruits.

Enrile’s Wisdom

The former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile comments on Senator Ping Lacson’s plan to make red-tagging a crime. This is after Rep. Sarah Elago gets emotional upon knowing that she’s red-tagged as an NPA member and recruiter. She denies the allegation but some witnesses said otherwise. Enrile reacted that red-tagging can’t be a crime. If the accused thinks that the military made a mistake, then she can sue them for libel.

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Sara Duterte-Carpio Hints for Bongbong Marcos to Run as President

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

If the Tandem Pushes through, the President is a Man
The son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos has been floated as Sara’s possible runningmate following his trip to Davao City for her birthday. She also claims that she “does not intend” to seek the country’s top post. Therefore, that left Bongbong Marcos to opt for the presidency.

No Duterte-Duterte Tandem

Inday Sara reiterates that there will be no tandem with her father in the 2022 elections. She addresses this amidst speculations that she will run for president, alongside President Rodrigo Duterte for vice president. The President said earlier that he appeals to Sara not to run for the top post. The Chief Executive denies that he aims for the vice presidency despite the pressure from his party mates.

It’s a No for a Woman President

It is also clear that President Duterte does not believe for a woman to run the country. Mayor Sara is quite particular on this stand of her father. So, it’s absolutely sure that she will not run for the top position in 2022.

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Debts? No worries with Bongbong Marcos’ Political Platform in a Rap


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Debts to Vanish with BBM’s Political Platform
The campaign rap of Bongbong Marcos clearly expresses his intention to implement the last will and testament of his father. When financial players in the government worry about debts, the son of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos need not to. He might inherit loads of them but he is certain that he can make Philippines progressive again.

Unity is the Name of the Game

BBM as he is referred to calls for unity. Progress can only be achieved with unity in hand. Fighting factions can never do good. He wants the country to be one with a common goal. This is for the Filipinos to have
a quality life. He’s the only one capable of doing this regardless of what his detractors say. Time for the country to be free from debts. When it’s his time. It’s time.

It’s still Marcos After All

The digital change allows the truth to come out regarding his father. Powerful countries can really go to war just to retain their monetary advantage. Keeping the peace around the globe must be a priority. Leaders who refuse to be provoked must be the good ones.

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Bring Back the Filipino Pride with Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos Makes Filipinos Proud
Patriotism is a trademark of the Marcoses since the time of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos is also remarkable. Now, Bongbong Marcos reminds Filipinos of their pride. He hails the achievements of the agriculture sector for the start of okra export. He also congratulates Yuka Saso for winning the women’s open.

Exporting Okra

Exporting okra is a sign that the government is in line with the Marcos regime. This was when agriculture was a priority of the government. Farmers get support, technology, supplies, and know-how directly from the office of the president. Therefore, Bongbong Marcos urges Filipinos to get vaccinated so that life can get back to normal at the soonest possible time.

Yuka Saso Wins Women’s Open

Bongbong Marcos assures the country that the win of Yuka Saso does not end in the Women’s Open. She could take the glory from the Tokyo Olympics that is about to happen. Apart from that, winners from other fields like the Choir also added to the country’s achievements despite the challenges of the pandemic.

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1Sambayan is a No Match to Sara Duterte-Marcos-Duterte

Sara Duterte

By: Elena Grace Flores
by PH Latest

Marcos-Duterte-Marcos Demographic Strength
The opposition’s list of nominees for the two highest positions in the country came out on June 12. This coincides with the Philippines’ Independence Day. Chel Diokno, Senator Grace Poe, and Vilma Santos-Recto for the first three. Leni Robredo, Antonio Trillanes IV and Eddie Villanueva also follow. However, former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile said that the Marcos-Duterte-Marcos tandem is just too strong for them demographically speaking! Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is certainly the best pair of Bongbong Marcos.

The Presidency can’t be Inherited

Nothing can compete when the bets from the North and the south unite. This is the case of a Marcos-Duterte-Marcos tandem whoever the president may be. Mayor Sara Duterte can run as president. Although it does not mean that she inherits the presidency. It’s because she has to win majority of the votes to become president. Nothing like the royal hierarchy.

Marcos as President

Bongbong Marcos as president is ideal. Although Sara Duterte can slide down to VP after the election. However, this may cause negativity among voters. It’s best to just run accordingly. Marcos as president and Sara Duterte-Carpio as Vice President is more likely to be the case. So, 1Sambayan can certainly go straight to the trash.

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Who can Stop the Philippines’ Destiny with Bongbong Marcos?

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

The Philippines was Once the Tiger of Asia
The Philippines was once the Tiger of Asia during the time of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. The then First Lady, Imelda Marcos was also the envy of prominent women around the globe. They were ideal representatives of the country. Wisdom, grace, wit, and charm were their utmost characteristics that made Filipinos proud. Now, their son, Bongbong Marcos is bound to run for President. No other contenders can even match. Who can fight destiny? Certainly not the Dilawans.

The Right Time for Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos knew that someday, he will be president. He was actually not really into politics. But realizes it’s his destiny because of his father’s last will and testament for the Filipino people. He is the key to the implementation of the monetary reserve system that his father set-up prior to his downfall in 1986.

Bongbong Marcos is the Hope for the Country

Regardless of the differences in the classes of society, Bongbong Marcos is the talk of the town nowadays. He is somewhat the hope for the country to be great again. After the disasters of the two Aquino regimes, the people realized that the former President Marcos was a lot better in terms of good governance. Therefore, most of them would pay back the misjudgements against the father by supporting the presidency of the son.

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The Marcos Scenario Supports Duterte’s South China Sea Action

South China Sea

By: Elena Grace Flores

What would Marcos do over the South China Sea dispute?
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte blasts the Liberal Party’s South China Sea enthusiasts, Antonio Carpio and Albert del Rosario recently. He said that the dispute with China started during their administration. They just capitalize on the arbitral ruling to cover their mistakes. Meanwhile, people are asking what would the late President Ferdinand Marcos do if he is the President today?

One of the Weakest Military Force

President Duterte made sense that when he said that it is dangerous to provoke China if we do not have sufficient military forces. The country may be one of the weakest defense and offense mechanisms during Marcos’s time. But international relations were excellent. China looked up to the Marcos presidency. A harmonious business relationship was at stake. It would be a pity to let go of that.

Managing the Bully

Just like what Congresswoman Lucy Torres said. The bully at school need not be killed. Managing the unruly one by befriending him or her can yield positive results. Why hurt China when it can be one of the Phillippine’s biggest allies? The key is unity through effective communication. That would Marcos likely to do. Bilateral relations are a must to rebuild the nation after the pandemic. So, it’s clear that Marcos and Duterte are in line with each other.

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Pastor Quiboloy Hails the Late President Ferdinand E. Marcos

Ferdinand E. Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Pastor Quiboloy Salutes President Ferdinand E. Marcos
Religious leader, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy said that the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos has the most achievements to make the Philippines better. His visions live until today. The infrastructure projects during his time are still serving the people. He was not only brilliant but a very bright president whom Filipinos can be proud of.

His Visions Live through his Projects

Heart, kidney, and lungs centers are living proofs of the brilliance of Ferdinand E. Marcos. Add the San Juanico bridge to that list plus many more. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the only president who come before him who has the guts to continue his visions. The Build Build Build project that follows Marcos’ project is now ongoing.

Saving the Country from Communism

The alleged dictatorship of Ferdinand E. Marcos made him save the country from communism, said Quiboloy. He was only demonized by his detractors, he added. The pastor is a staunch supporter of President Duterte. This gesture of him really confirms the Marcos-Duterte alliance no matter what some rumors say. It really takes wisdom to understand the ways of politics.

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The Hottest Tandem is Confirmed but who’s Running what Remains a Mystery


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Showbiz Fanaticz

The Duterte-Marcos or Marcos-Duterte Tandem
The Marcoses’ visit last week to Davao Mayor Sara-Duterte Carpio is the talk of the town nowadays. They are for sure running but not against each other. Senator Imee Marcos also graced the event in a private setting. It remains unknown however, as to who runs for what position. Regardless, this tandem is definitely the hottest.

Bongbong Marcos will not Run Toe to Toe with Mayor Sara

Bongbong Marcos already said that he will not run against Mayor Sara Duterte. He also did not deny the possibility of a tandem. It depends on what the people want, he said. Since the two topped the presidential survey, there’s no doubt that they are the majority’s bets. It’s just a matter of who’s running what.

Inday Sara Goes for Bongbong Marcos

Meanwhile, Mayor Sara also discourages supporters who urged her to run as president. She would rather go for Bongbong Marcos. She definitely gives a hint a couple of times that she will run together with Marcos. First, she said that she might run as VP. Then, recently she explained that she goes for Bongbong Marcos as the country’s leader. This is quite obvious in her father’s present projects. Like the Build Build Build. It follows Marcos’ blueprint and financed by the ADB.

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BBM’s Electricity Problem Solution Using Renewable Energy


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bongbong Marcos

Electicity Problems Alert
Constant alerts are now visible. These are due to the high cost of electricity and the lack of supply. NGCP is a private corporation in charge of operating, maintaining, and developing the country’s power grid. It is an interconnected system that transmits gigawatts of power at thousands of volts from where it is made to where it is needed. BBM explains the effects of his father’s abandoned power projects.

The Visionary Electric Projects of FEM

The late President Ferdinand Marcos already knew that the country would soon face the power crises happening during the pandemic. That was why he pushed for geothermal technology and nuclear power plants during his time. However, they were abandoned in 1986 during the EDSA mutiny. Now, 3 of the existing electric plants are shut down. That’s why the vaccine supplies are in danger.

Renewable Energy Sources

The windmill and solar electricity systems are now in an advanced state. The citizens of the country can greatly benefit from it. To be able to do that, changes in the laws are crucial. Lawmakers must study the appropriateness of such rules with the present time. Bongbong Marcos believes that renewable energy is the key. This is the kind of supply that will never run out, he added. Hydroelectric power may also be the future. It’s a relief to know that the Philippines has a vast supply of raw hydrogen necessary for its production.

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Why do Veteran Farmers Love the Late President Ferdinand Marcos

Ferdinand Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

President Ferdinand Marcos Loved the Farmers
The late President Ferdinand Marcos considered the farmers as the heroes of the country. They might not have to go to war but they have daily struggle to keep people alive. Nonetheless, they are the less prioritized sector at the present time.

The Support of President Ferdinand Marcos to the Farmers

It was a fact that the Philippines once taught the Thais and the Vietnamese people how to plant rice. This cannot be erased from real history because many can attest to this event. The only argument of the Marcos detractors is the data for the financial losses in the industry. It’s because they consider it as a business. Whereas the great Ferdinand Marcos took this as a way to nurture the country’s food source. Too bad that the EDSA mutiny interrupted this.

The First Lady’s Role in Agriculture

Despite the busy schedule of the late President Marcos, he made sure that the agriculture sector was in the right hands. Farm owners always have access to his wife, former First Lady, Imelda Marcos. They correspond with her for the supplies, technology, and other provisions of the government. The farm owners then had the task to take care of their farmers like family.