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Sandro Marcos Gets Bukidnon Cheering for the BBM-Sara Uniteam 100%


By: Elena Grace Flores

Mami KP

[VIDEO]: BIR: Sandro Marcos Gets the Crowd Cheering for the BBM-Sara Tandem

Bukidnon Crowd is 100% Supportive

The Bukidnon crowd is 100% all out for the Sara-BBM Uniteam. This is despite the absence of the tandem. However, Sandro Marcos is more than enough to replace them as usual. The young Ferdinand Marcos normally replaces his father in events should he can’t make it for very important reason.

Sandro Marcos Gets the Crowd Cheering

Not only that Sandro Marcos is a charmer but he’s also a very good speaker. He introduced the candidates under the Uniteam umbrella. This includes former palace spokesperson, Harry Roque. Marcos thanked the attendees in behalf of his father and Mayor Sara Duterte.

The BBM-Sara Uniteam Promise

Sandro did not fail to mention that when the Uniteam takes their turn in governing the country, they will return the favor by serving and providing the people with what they deserve. The overwhelming support in Bukidnon was too warm that it can drive away evils.

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BIR: Bongbong Marcos has No Pending Tax Obligations Contrary to Atty. Te’s Claim


By: Elena Grace Flores

Showbiz Fanaticz

[VIDEO]: BIR: Bongbong Marcos is Fully Paid

BIR Tax Receipts

According to the BIR receipts, Bongbong Marcos paid all his tax obligations contrary to the petitioners’ claims that he did not pay the fine for the non-filing of taxes case. This truly proves that Atty. Theodore Te and his consultant, former Chief Justice Antonio Carpio are a bunch of liars.

Penalty Payment

The total payment as per the receipt was of Php 67,000. This covers the penalties for the 4 years in question. This is quite a simple evidence to procure. Why can’t Atty. Te get it? Of course he can but just wants to magnify the negative finding for the media to sensationalize.

Character Assassination

The anti-Marcos stalwarts are famous for making accusations using legal means with evidence from the mainstream media or online references that do not stand in court. Then, the media delivers misleading headlines to the public. This serves as a character assassination attempt. The disqualification petitions over the alleged tax cases are nothing but media propaganda.

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Golden Asset: Unity Call Turnouts Doubled with Sandro Marcos in BBM-Sara Gatherings

golden asset

By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Sandro Marcos’s Wit is Second to None

Golden Asset: Doubled Turnouts

The turnouts of the BBM-Sara motorcades, caravans and other political gatherings were doubled with Sandro Marcos around. Organizers find their numbers excessively more than their estimate. He hopes that the trend would continue to achieve unity among the voters. He’s indeed a golden asset for the campaign.

Master’s Degree Graduate

Sandro’s excellent educational achievements showed that he’s an over-achiever. He graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science: Masters in Development Studies. The young Marcos also graduated with honours in BS International Politics prior to that. He has everything to be proud of. But manages to keep his feet on the ground.

BBM is Not a Second Choice

With Senator Bong Go’s withdrawal from the Presidential race, the golden asset of the Marcoses appeals to the public not to make his father a second choice. Some were irked about this statement. But in reality, Marcos haters would never vote for Bongbong Marcos. So, Go’s move has little effect on BBM.

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An Act of Democracy?: Libelous Groups Want Bongbong Marcos Out Desperately


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: New Disqualification Cases still have no Merit

Democracy is Respecting the Rights of Others

The attorney cum spokesperson of Bongbong Marcos said that they respect the rights of some political groups who are motivated to file more disqualification and cancellation of COC cases against BBM. However, they should also respect their stand that the cases have no merit. This is what democracy is all about.

Not a Case of Moral Turpitude

More than 500 lawyers already explained that the non-filing of tax conviction of Bongbong Marcos is not a case of moral turpitude. For one, it did not include a jail sentence which is a primary requirement to make it so. Besides, it was the government who failed to file for Marcos since he’s working as a public servant during the period questioned. Thus, making the accusations libelous.

The BBM-Sara Uniteam Gets Stronger

Marcos never reacted badly to such petitions verbally. His lawyers just handle them in the proper way both online and offline. The brouhaha seems to help the BBM-Sara Uniteam because it’s stronger than ever now. Perhaps, it is safe to say that they are unbeatable. Especially when Mayor Sara Duterte said that she can only do her work as VP if Bongbong Marcos is the President.

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The True People Power: BBM-Sara Volunteers Proved QC Mayor Belmonte Wrong

people power

By: Elena Grace Flores

Ai DHIN 28

[VIDEO]: The BBM-Sara Edsa Motorcade

The True People Power

The People Power Revolution, also known as the EDSA Revolution or the February Revolution, was a series of popular demonstrations in the Philippines. They were held mostly in Metro Manila, from February 22–25, 1986. The anti-government crowds in those days were just magnified by the mainstream media. Nowadays, social media shows the real sentiments of the people.

Retaliating to QC Mayor’s Indifference

The BBM-Sara uniteam supporters retaliated to the indifference of QC Mayor Joy Belmonte. She allegedly did not allow the group to assemble in her area of jurisdiction. Instead, she designated a basketball court for their gathering event. This apparently insulted the organizers. Thus bringing the assembly to Caloocan.

BBM is Loving and Forgiving

Despite the attacks of the Dilawans against BBM for more than 30 years, he remains loving and forgiving. He never encourage his supporters to fight back. Unity is his goal for the country’s progress together with his VP running mate, Inday Sara.

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Bongbong Marcos: Where’s the Money from the Aquino Government for Yolanda Victims in Tacloban?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Junesday Vlog

[VIDEO]: Mayor Romualdez asked Bongbong Marcos for help during Yolanda!

Bongbong Marcos Helped without the Government’s Money

Where’s the money? The 2014 appropriated funds for disasters are still unaccounted for. Bongbong Marcos inquires where they are. Plus the donations from overseas. Perhaps the Aquino government helped other parts of Leyte but not Yolanda, the bailiwick of Marcos’s mother, former First Lady, Imelda Marcos.

The President is an Aquino

Former Senator Mar Roxas can never go back to politics. This is after saying to Tacloban Mayor Martin Romualdez during the Yolanda disaster this; Please understand that you are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino. Truly, the Aquino government’s services were very selective.

Where is the money?

The Marcoses were the first ones who gave help to Tacloban and elsewhere when typhoon Yolanda destroyed a vast area in Leyte. Even after 2 years of the aftermath, no money from the government reached the area. Bongbong Marcos vowed not to stop helping until the victims are back on their feet again.

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What’s Next with President Duterte after Senator Bong Go’s Withdrawal?


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Senator Bong Go: If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

Senator Bong Go’s Withdrawal

As expected, Senator Bong Go withdraws from the Presidential race. He said that he suffers from running for the top post with his family’s disapproval and his heavy heart. It was not his intention to run for President but Vice President only. It’s the president’s call now who he supports for after his withdrawal from the race, Go added.

Just a Public Servant

The senator clarifies that he can continue serving the people as a public servant. He cannot even believe until now that he’s already a lawmaker. Go believes that he does not need a position to be able to serve the people. He would keep his doors open to those who might need him.

The Senator is Not a Politician

Senator Go stresses that he is willing to make sacrifices for the sake of unity. Is this a hint that the Duterte administration would already join the BBM-Sara Uniteam? Besides, Attorney Harry Roque already runs as Senator under their umbrella. Bong Go doesn’t want the president to suffer anymore. He also cannot bear dirty politics. So, is he giving way to the most powerful alliance?

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The Marcos’s Way of Laughing at their Imperfection is a Worthy Asset

worthy asset

By: Elena Grace Flores

Sandro Marcos Topics

[VIDEO]: BBM & Sandro Marcos : Bulol Moments / Cute reactions.

A Worthy Asset

Global Filipinos who spend a lot of time overseas can relate to the Marcos’s bulol or twisted tongue moments. Bongbong Marcos and his son Sandro speak more than one language and some dialects which is an asset. Therefore, speaking Pilipino doesn’t come easy sometimes. Imperfection becomes a worthy asset because they can laugh at it.

Not Perfect

They never said that they are perfect. In fact, criticisms about them are everywhere. Despite of this, they remain at their best character. That kind of attitude is definitely a worthy asset. Because they know who they are and their purpose. The Marcos family gears at helping people. Nothing else.

Cuteness Overload

When one accepts their flaws with humor, it’s just cute to witness. Let alone having fun with it. The father and son are just real. They can’t fake it. A worthy asset indeed.

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Cebuanos are Amazed that Bongbong Marcos Gave his Salary to a Cooperative


By: Elena Grace Flores

Mami KP

[VIDEO]: BBM in Cebu talks about cooperatives.

Bongbong Marcos is helping a Cooperative

During his speech in Cebu, Bongbong Marcos said that as a public servant, he gave all his salaries to a cooperative. He was just recently criticized for his failure to file his ITR for 5 years during his family’s exile in Hawaii. Little do they know that he’s actually a noble man. Certainly not a criminal.

Cooperative for Farmers

Bongbong Marcos vows that if he’s lucky enough to be president, he would identify cooperatives in the agricultural sector. He aims to nurture the farmers. So, that they can bring back the country’s export quality rice production. Just like during his father’s regime.

Long-lasting Assistance

Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. or Bongbong Marcos is proud to let the public know that a cooperative can help uplift the lives of its members if managed well. The cooperative that he’s been supporting is still thriving at the present time. So, this shows that he’s not a one-time giver. His assistance is long-lasting.

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There’s One More thing that Bongbong Marcos Feels Lucky about aside from Family and Wealth


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Mayor Sara: Bongbong Marcos is a firm decision-maker.

Lucky Not Just in Wealth but also on his VP’s Choice

Ilocos Sur Mayor Chavit Singson proudly introduces Bongbong Marcos as an experienced government servant who is destined to lead. Then, Marcos takes the stand to first say that he’s very lucky to be the choice of Mayor Sara Duterte as her running mate. The BBM-Sara tandem is definitely a wealth to behold.

Bongbong Marcos’s Unity Call

Marcos never mentions his father’s wealth for the Filipino people during his speeches. Instead he call on all Filipinos to work together for the common good. Regardless of their political affiliations. He just wants to give a little ease in his countrymen’s financial situation. A little more happiness, and some hopes for a bright future.

The Filipino’s Nature of Love

Marcos is the kind of leader who believes in his people. They are his real wealth. This is why the last will and testament of his father is a priority in his presidency. Just on top of his political platform for progress.