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Binay Successful In Misleading LP That He’s The Major Pro Marcos – Giving Way To Duterte


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leftist groups detest President Rodrigo Duterte’s closeness with the Marcos family.  His approval to bury former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani indicates this. Former Bayan Muna Representative Satur Ocampo comment that the burial is not part of the President’s promise to the Filipino people, but a fulfillment of a personal promise to the Marcoses, proves to show that Binay is successful in making them believe that he’s the major pro-Marcos and not Duterte. Pnoy even asked Binay to stop Marcos from becoming Vice President. He advised the former president to conduct an honest election instead. This has prompted the Liberal Party to resort to  massive fraudulent activities.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia
[VIDEO]: Leftists alarmed over Duterte’s close ties with Marcoses

Campaign Promise not just Personal Trade-Off

If only Ocampo followed Duterte during his campaign trail, he would know that Duterte promised to allow the burial of the late strongman at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Actually, many people knew that Duterte was convinced by Jojo Binay to continue running for president on the goal that they will make Bongbong Marcos president in the immediate future. That’s the ultimate reason why Duterte ran for President since he did not have the ambition to be president.

Unverified Blogs Out to Discredit Binay

The leftist evil ways are again on the rise when various unverified blogs say that Binay is in Duterte’s long list of illegal drug traders which is obviously very wrong. Only people who have grudges with the Binays would believe this and they can’t be reasonable individuals.

Mass Resignation Seen

It is already expected that government officials who cannot bear Duterte’s ways and principles will ultimately turn their back from his administration. They would then form a coalition that would encourage citizens to go against the government with the leadership of the Liberal party. However, the right wing is more than ready for that which includes the Jojo Binay camp.

Black Propaganda Does not work Anymore

Sorry to the leftist, their strategy that was very effective during Ninoy Aquino’s time is just like a garbage now. Most people knew already how to verify false reports from the legitimate ones. All they need to do is do a bit of research in just a few click of their fingers right at the comfort of their own home.

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Binay & Marcos Warn VP Leni Robredo To Be Careful With Words: Her Mouth Only Praises Self


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It would be impossible for the President and Vice President to find a common ground when the second person is always contradicting the administration that she is serving. It’s true that she is forced to resign because of irreconcilable differences but that is the only way for Robredo to be herself. She can still lead the Liberal Party as the opposition to Duterte’s ruling party.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo could become the leader of the opposition after she quit President Rodrigo Duterte’s cabinet due to policy differences, a political analyst said.

De Facto Leader of the Opposition

According to the political analyst featured in the video, V.P. Leni Robredo would automatically become the de Facto leader of the opposition because she occupies the highest elected post among the members of the Liberal Party. She may have served the cabinet the shortest compared to her peers but she is secured in the fact that she still has an important position as far as her political ambitions are concerned.

History of Stealing

Robredo in a separate interview as she always did, commented that between her and Bongbong Marcos, it is him who has the history of stealing – but the Vice President might be unaware that only the Liberal Party accuses the Marcoses of stealing. They were never convicted but only accused of crimes they did not commit and that’s what made her a thief. She only did not steal the Vice Presidency but also their reputation.

The Binay Camp also Corrected Her

Joe Salgado, spokesperson of the Binay Camp corrects VP Robredo, when she said that perhaps she’s the only HUDCC chair who personally attends board meetings and works on weekends and at home. She is given the benefit of the doubt that maybe she hasn’t heard of former VP Binay’s work ethic. It is remembered that former V.P. Binay gave her utmost respect and support during the transition period and her latest words only prove to show that her true colors are really very undesirable.

Bongbong Marcos and Jojo Binay vs. Leni Robredo

The advice that both camps can give to Robredo is to be careful with her words because she looks like an evil person during TV interviews. Her words are actually against her and perhaps that’s what Duterte is sad about.

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Celia Diaz Laurel: Marcos Rival’s Wife Confirms that Good Deeds of Marcos Outweigh all Accusations


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
This is a very powerful plea coming from the wife of Ferdinand E. Marcos’ rival to the presidency, Doy Laurel who gave way to Cory Aquino as the presidential bet of their part. Maybe what Marcos has done for the country will outweigh what wrong “they think” he has done; stresses Mrs. Laurel.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia

She knows something most people don’t

Celia Diaz Laurel urges Filipinos to recognize the good Marcos has done for the country instead of dwelling on his alleged sins. “It is the time that we recognize him for what good he has done; she said. In life, we must not dwell on what wrong a person has done. But maybe what he has done for the country will outweigh what wrong “they think” he has done,” she said. Even Mrs. Laurel thinks that people are misled into believing that Marcos has committed the accusations against him.

Husband Gave Way to Cory Aquino

Doy Laurel was one of the critics of the Marcos regime, for alleged human rights abuses. He was supposed to run for President during the special elections on 1986, but he gave way to Cory Aquino’s candidacy. Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani that some wanted to be exhumed incidentally fell on the former vice president’s 88th birthday. He is also buried at the Libingan with a hero’s internment.

Many Anti-Marcos in the Past Realized they were Wrong

 Although Mrs. Laurel explains that her opinion is her own, she’s not the first one who made that realization that the accusations were just mere speculations used to ruin the Marcos name. Ninoy’s lawyer the late Jovito Salonga also turned his back to Cory Aquino before his death.  A living witness to the ill-motives of Aquino, Jejomar Binay made this known after going into alliance with Bongbong Marcos and Duterte during the national election.

Simple Facts

If the late strongman steals the wealth of the people, why are the gold intact at the World Bank for gold reserves of the country? Why is his budget for 20 years too low compared to the Aquinos’ 12 years and Ramos’ 6 years – but he has the most infrastructures done that still exist until today? It only takes a little common sense. Do you have it?

Days of Shame: August 21, 1971 and 1983

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Martial Law Abuses Got Nothing To Do With Bongbong Marcos & Can’t Deny His Father’s Efforts For The Country

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The truths about martial law should contain everything that has happened and not just selective. Abuses did happen at that time but they are committed mostly by the members of the Philippine Constabulary that ex-President Ramos headed. Why condemn the dead or Bongbong Marcos for that matter?

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia
[VIDEO]: Let the truth about Ferdinand Marcos be told

Martial Law Museum Tells One Side of the Story

In the quest to revise martial law history, the People Power Experimental Museum is said to take you to a journey back to the martial law years. It combines theater with real live actors, cinema, photography and other forms of performing arts. It recreates stories of martial law and the bloodless revolution that finally restored democracy but still did not improve governance. It reinforces the story that the four days at EDSA in February 1986 was the realization of false hope after martial law – Sept. 21, 1972. That is only one side of the story.

Edsa Revolt Just Made It Worst

Where are we now after almost 30 years? Two terms of the Aquinos were not enough to even do a bit of Marcos’ service to the people. Many people realized that the Marcos days are even better even with the isolated cases of abuses that are also happening today but in different forms. At least in the past, decent livelihood and the healthy lifestyle are what Filipinos can be proud of.

Media Pains are not Inflicted by Bongbong Marcos

There are people in the media who are trying to convince many that the martial law years did not really happen but this should not be the case. Imprisoned members of the media were – Chino Roces, Teodoro Locsin, Jose Mari Velez, Max Soliven, Nap Rama, Geny Lopez and many others. It is understandable that some media can be indifferent to the Marcoses but they should know that the president at that time is already dead. Bongbong Marcos got nothing to do with it.

Marcos’ Nation Building through Public Services

The truth about martial law should not also fail to mention the achievements of the great president, Ferdinand E. Marcos. Compared to any other president that came after him, he has the smallest budget but her public services projects were not only abundant but also world-class and functional. They are even made beautiful by his wife, former First Lady, Imelda Romualdez Marcos.



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How Can Martial Law Education Be Truthful With Bam Aquino And Risa Hontiveros Behind Its Revision?

Martial Law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Senate is scheduled to review the status of martial law education in the secondary and tertiary levels after a resolution was filed by Committee on Education chairman and Senator Bam Aquino. He filed Senate Resolution No. 29 to study how the martial law era is being taught in high school and colleges nationwide. Will he really stick to the truth?

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia

[VIDEO]: Panoorin nyo ang tunay na itsura ng Pilipinas sa panahon ni President Ferdinand Marcos.

Bam Aquino is Bias

Bam Aquino may have no idea how martial law is being taught nowadays that’s why he got alerted by the youth’s responses over social media. If he sticks to the real history of the martial law era, Bam Aquino might not like it. Martial law history is compulsory as part of the subject after the passage of Republic Act 10368 or the Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013. Aquino, together with the Committee on Youth, is set to lead the inquiry on Tuesday at 9 a.m. Aquino and brainwashed students? Where can the truth come from?

Risa Hontiveros’ False Passion

On the other hand, Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros also filed a joint resolution seeking to declare September as a month of national truth-telling on martial law. This is allegedly in line with RA 10368. It is joined by elite student council leaders from Ateneo de Manila University, the activist-driven University of the Philippines, another elite De La Salle University and Adamson University. Hontiveros is so worried that her own interests will not be included by the real historians that will revise the said history.

Public Amenities and Infrastructure During Marcos’ Time

 Martial Law was declared by Marcos to restore the country that has been in turmoil due to insurgencies. Aquino and Hontiveros should make sure that the new history will give specific mentions on the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ achievements in the infrastructure arena that until today, people are still using them in their day to day activities.

Efficient Modes, Power and Irrigation by Marcos

The various modes of transport during the Martial Law are even more efficient than today’s maintenance especially after the Aquino administration’s failure in maintaining what the late President and the First lady did with the MRT/LRT projects. Bam Aquino better make sure that history mentions that or else it will just be another big lie. He should also give credit to Marcos for the emergence of power plants and irrigation systems that signals the beginning of reformed lands!



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Marcos Burial Exhumation: Solicitor General Calida Knows Christianity More Than Priests And Nuns?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Digging up the remains of Ferdinand Marcos would be “unchristian,” said Solicitor General Jose Calida. He insists that the interment of the deposed strongman at Libingan ng mga Bayani did not violate the Supreme Court ruling on the sensitive issue. Calida, led government lawyers in defending President Duterte’s order authorizing the military funeral stressed that there was no legal impediment to stop the Marcoses from burying their patriarch at Libingan.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia
[VIDEO]: SolGen Calida, idinepensa sa SC ang hero’s burial para kay dating Pres. Marcos

Cannot Reverse the Decision Made

The Supreme Court will not allow exhumation which is unChristian, says Calida. Digging out Marcos remains will be against Christianity. Marcos also should not be isolated. If they insist on digging him out, they should also do so to the rest of the soldiers and presidents buried there to be fair.

Executive Action not a Political Question

Duterte’s participation in the Marcos burial is clearly an executive action that the president is entitled to and should not be challenged with a political question because it will be a rebellion to do so.

Bongbong Marcos is likely the Target

It is very clear that the Marcos burial is again used to discredit Bongbong Marcos to assume the Vice Presidency then the Presidency later on – but by the looks of what’s happening now, it seems that there’s no stopping Bongbong Marcos. Circumstances just favor him strongly – making his transition to office as clear as the running water in the rivers during the Marcos era.

Resistance Noted but they are short with Numbers

It has been observed that rallies and protests are happening one after the other – but it seems like they are the same people changing clothes. They are definitely not great in number. Perhaps, they are waiting for the Marcos Camp’s response?


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Cong. Baguilat Should Not Use Marcos Infrastructure If He Only Knew About The Bloody Martial Law He Did Not Cause


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Ifugao Congressman, Teddy Baguilat Jr., who joined the Supreme Court petition, was sour griping there would be little relief left against the late strongman. He claimed that: “The victims of the Marcos regime which are the entire nation, unless history is revised, are now left with little relief.” Then he proceeded in explaining his plan to revise history in textbooks – what a shame! We can only see how threatened he is with the upcoming Bongbong Marcos Presidency.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia
[VIDEO]: President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday praised the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos anew, saying he was thinking of copying the government programs for farmers and fishermen implemented during the strongman’s regime.

Baguilat Innocence

It is very sad that we have congressmen like Baguilat who does not know anything as far as the Marcos regime is concerned. He only has a big mouth saying what he believe without researching for the truth. It is unbelievable that he does not own an internet at home to at least search Google. That made him a laughing stock. Perhaps, he does not know how to use one or does not know how to discern false news from the real ones.

Duterte’s Knowledge

President Rodrigo Duterte never denied his knowledge about the Marcos burial. He was the one who gave the go signal. He just did not know the exact date of the event after giving the Marcoses a free hand in carrying out the wishes of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

Teach the Youth?

Are these people like Baguilat not satisfied seeing students marching outside their schools chanting about things they know little about? Why is there a need to revise history? To block any Marcos like Bongbong Marcos to the Presidency?

Infrastructure, Livelihood and Agriculture Projects of Marcos

Does Baguilat know that most airports, roads and buildings he enjoyed today are Marcos’ contribution to the nation? How could the public accept a congressman like him? President Duterte is even copying the Masagana 99 and the fishery projects like the “Biyayang Dagat” of Marcos – because if these were continued, the Philippines will never have problems with livelihood and supply for daily sustenance.


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Falling Out Pro-Dutertes Due to Marcos Burial are Replenished by Binay-Bongbong Marcos Supporters

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Makabayan which is a political coalition composed of 11 party list parties was against the Marcos burial at the heroes cemetery – but this did not change their support to the Duterte administration. They detested the President’s promise to Bongbong Marcos that he will pass the presidency to him if he cannot solve the crimes in the country. However, they are still hopeful that Duterte will change his mind even if the president insisted that he just followed the law and even his mother cannot convince to change that.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia

[VIDEO]: Duterte on Marcos burial: I’m just following the law

Support Remains

Casilao, Brosas, De Jesus, and Tinio clarified that they will continue supporting the “pro-people” programs of the Duterte administration. They praised Duterte’s efforts on independent foreign policies, release of political prisoners and ongoing peace talks.

Hoping to Change Duterte’s Mind

Brosas and De Jesus also stressed their criticism against Duterte for favoring Bongbong Marcos on the heroes’ burial issue and other pro-Marcos actions. They still believe that Marcos was a tyrant leader and must be vital in restoring democracy in the country.

Confusion among Duterte’s Supporters

 Makabayan is not alone in the situation that they are in. Many individual pro-Dutertes are also into this turmoil. They are for Duterte’s presidency but they do not approve his support to Bongbong Marcos. Let alone give the presidency to him. Supporters of former President Fidel Ramos are falling out.

Non-Duterte Voters who are for Marcos Get to Love the President

You win some, you lose some – that’s the name of the Duterte game. If there are Duterte supporters falling out, there are as much joining in as well to back the president up because of his endorsement of Bongbong Marcos. Around 6 million registered voters from the Binay camp are examples of these none-Duterte supporters now that has become solid Duterte.



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Edsa Revolt and Related Protests: Mockery to not only Duterte and Bongbong Marcos but to Filipino Intelligence

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Some 300 members of the Mothers and  Relatives Against Tyranny and Repression from Negros have staged a protest saying that the burial of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos is an insult to the Edsa revolt. Little do they know that the Edsa event itself is an insult not only to Duterte and Bongbong Marcos but also to the Filipino intelligence in general.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia

[VIDEO]: The Supreme Court (SC) ruling in favor of a burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani for the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos is inconsistent with the spirit of the 1986 EDSA Revolution that overthrew him, a torture victim under the Marcos regime maintained.

Protesters do not have a Clue

It is sad that most protesters do not even know that they are being used to stabilize the government. The Edsa revolution drama carried out by media propaganda against the Marcoses have poisoned the mind of people who do not have the spirit to seek for the truth. They have capitalized the not more than 10,000 alleged victims of martial law without thinking that the whole nation benefitted from the strongman’s brilliance in governance.

No other president is better than Marcos

27 after his death – no other presidents has done as many public services as Marcos. No one could also think like him when it comes to securing the nation’s wealth for the people to benefit from generation to generation.

Bongbong Marcos Takeover

It is not a secret that one of the goals of president Rodrigo Duterte for running last national elections, he wanted to pass the presidency to Bongbong Marcos because he is too old for the nation’s problems. This is supported by the younger Marcos’ running mate, the late Miriam Defensor Santiago, former Vice President Jejomar Binay, who even endorsed Marcos as Vice Presidency with the approval of his running mate, Senator Gringo Honasan.

The change that is about to happen

All the alliance of Duterte and Bongbong Marcos tandem never stopped to make that a reality despite the challenges. Even their own supporters especially Duterte’s cannot understand why he is for Marcos amidst all the accusations against the Marcoses. Just one thing is sure. The people behind Bongbong Marcos’ assuming the Vice President seat soon are the ones with utmost wisdom!



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Bongbong Marcos-Duterte Judgement: Maximum Tolerance for Anti-Burial Protesters

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

President Rodrigo Duterte is unfazed with the ongoing anti-Marcos burial protests and sees no security threat. He understands their sentiments and they are allowed to expressed it but just don’t cause heavy traffic, the president said. On the other hand, Bongbong Marcos agrees that it’s their rights to rally and the Marcos family respects that.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia

[VIDEO]: Anti-Marcos protestors, nagsagawa ng Black Friday rally
November 11, 2016

Maximum Tolerance by PNP

Unlike previous images of police abuses like overkills and no tolerance, the Bongbong Marcos – Duterte’s “maximum tolerance” approach is evident in how to deal with the protesters. However, the enemies will always do something to aggravate the situation so it is expected that isolated cases of forces applied will be undertaken if they go out of control.


So far, everything is under Control

Police officers learned it the hard way when all men in uniformed responsible for the harsh treatments against the previous protest in front of the American Embassy resulted in their dismissal. They are all under investigation for possible administrative case to be filed against them if found guilty.

Provoking the police

Protesters must be reminded that despite the “maximum tolerance’ imposed, they should also follow the law because if they endanger the lives of the police, they are given the go signal to defend themselves. The good thing with protests is, it is normally done in public places where it’s accessible to the media. Therefore, if properly guided, both sides must be able to support a peaceful anti-Marcos burial rally, if that’s what others need to do to feel better.

Marcos’ Family Plea

The Marcos family has been very patient waiting for their time to come after 27 years. All criticisms are already heard around the world. Now, that circumstances favor them, the detractors should also learn how to wait for their time. Perhaps another 27 years too? Can they do it like the Marcoses?


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Duterte as Supported by Bongbong Marcos Urged Protesters to Deal with Hate or Live with It

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

President Rodrigo Duterte acknowledged that there’s really a deep grievance in the country but he has to decide on what is lawful. He can only advise protesters to deal with their hate – or else, they will have to live with it for the rest of their lives. He is not reversing his decision because he knew it’s the right thing to do burying the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia


Of Course, Duterte Authorizes the Burial

The President knew about the plan but not the exact date of Marcos’ burial at the Libingan, because he did not want to know. He just gave the go signal to do things as they wish. He only knew that he’s not going to be there anyway so why ask?

Duterte decides on what is lawful and what is not in his position as a public employee despite the disagreement of his mother. He was called upon to decide whether it would be lawful for Marcos to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani or it would be an illegal act, he said. He cannot decide not to bury Marcos where he is now just because his mother said that he was a dictator, Duterte said

Marcos’s Credentials are Enough for Heroes’ Burial

As much as 98 percent of Ilocandia, or Ilocano-speaking Filipinos, made their sentiments known about why Marcos was being treated “unfairly.” For Duterte, He was a president, he was a soldier. The record shows it, it was recognized around the world, he had a valor medal frorm the military for his good deeds, and that’s enough, Duterte added.

Bongbong Marcos is Grateful

If it is not because of Duterte, the late strongman’s wishes will not be granted as the family does not have authority to implement what has been done as far as the burial of former president Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani is concerned. Bongbong Marcos and the rest of the family has been very grateful to the president and vow their full support to the Duterte administration



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Bongbong Marcos Alarmed: Prepare For Strongman’s Style If Bigger Protests Staged Upon Duterte’s Return Gets Unruly


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos was alarmed that bigger protests will sprout upon the return of President Rodrigo Duterte from the summit in Lima, Peru. However, the government is not worried about the threats when it comes to the president’s security. Marcos is always open that protesters are welcome to express their rights but they must follow the law and make it peaceful.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia

[VIDEO]: Anti-Marcos forces refuse to heed the call for them to move on. They’re set to launch more protests against burying Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. – ANC, The World Tonight, November 11, 2016

Libingan ng mga Bayani Protests

Whoever masterminded the staging of protests in time for the return of the president from his overseas trip just showed how wicked they are. They are definitely provoking the pro-Marcos faction. Only one bad move and chaos will escalate. The Marcos camp is just watching their moves.

Who Brainwashed the Young Students?

Why do we see underage students marching in the streets chanting phrases they knew nothing about? Is this the kind of education schools are teaching today? What about the nuns and priests urging them to march? Is that Christ-like? It’s really true that some demons in our era today are dressed as nuns and priests.

Marcos Family’s Time

If the protests are organized by the Liberal party, they should know that Pnoy time has gone and they are now making chaos under the Duterte administration. They will be dealt with accordingly, but the strongman way!

Unity is not Evident at the Moment

The protests may be isolated cases but if these continue, that only proves that unity is not happening yet. Duterte is actually in a very difficult position because of his efforts in straightening the mistakes done during the Martial Law era. However, he is also open to that if necessary. So, if Martial Law comes back, it’s the fault of the activists, just like before.



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Acting Workshop with Coach Ghie

Acting Workshop

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The Acting Workshop with Coach Ghie will be featured here courtesy of Adtracz Talent Management:

Youtube video by; Adtracz

[VIDEO]: Options exercise acting workshop with Coach Ghie.

Nurture Filipino Talent

Ms. Geraldine Flores or Coach Ghie has been serving the showbiz industry from the backstage. Although she also plays supporting roles for GMA and ABS-CBN soap operas, she’s more into gearing up little people who show the passion and love for the trade. She goes beyond teaching how to act. She is proud enough with her product that she acts as stage coach as well when they go for auditions and even when they get roles as background actors and actresses at first.


Passion Beats The Money Chase

Coach Ghie has been working overseas particularly in Brunei for a greener pasture. But even when she was working there, she still finds ways to teach acting. The limited policies there for the career that she wanted prompted her to come back – even if it means, she has to start from scratch again.

Working For the Love of It

Where can you find a coach that is happy enough to spend quality with your kids and impart her talents into yours while you can continue your errands? It’s all possible through the Adtracz Acting Work Shop with Ms. Ghie. Just for the love of it.

Here’s how to contact Her:

Send her a friend request on Facebook: Geraldine Flores .Then a message through the messenger can surely catch her attention!

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CNN Gerry Spence: Imelda, Ferdinand And Bongbong Marcos Are Victims Of The Aquinos In Exchange Of American Base

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Gerry Spence during the CNN interview with Larry King testified that there are evidence that the Aquino administration had an agreement with the American government to gather evidence to destroy the Marcoses for the alleged hidden wealth in exchange for the US-Philippines Military Base agreement.

Youtube video by; sierranevadatrail

[VIDEO]: Gerry Spence Defends Imelda Marcos on CNN.

PCGGs Blind Eye

PCGG was given a copy of over 300,000 documentations pertaining to the gold shipments to various countries that are managed by the World Bank and registered under the Central Bank of the Philippines under the Marcos Foundation for the welfare of the Filipinos – but they refused to examine those unlike the courts that acquitted Imelda Marcos for such accusations.


PCGG acted out for the Aquinos

PCGGs refusal to check all the provided documents and its desperate attempt to nail down the Marcoses with hocus pucos evidence was just following the orders of the Aquino administration. They also looted Imelda Marcos’ personal jewelries and paintings including funds in overseas accounts that former Philippine Ferdinand E. Marcos acquired from the Maharlika Royal family for his service as their lawyer.

Here’s the World Bank Data on the Country’s Gold Reserves under the World Bank

The World Bank Data attested that the Philippines is one of the few countries that have ample gold reserves since the 1960s during the time of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos.
126.94 since 1960 (millions of gold bars worth billions of dollars)
80,640.41 updated in 2015  (millions of gold bars worth billions of dollars)
A World Bank whistleblower also confirmed that it was the former and late president Ferdinand E. Marcos who embarked the gold reserves for the welfare of the Filipinos.

Bongbong Marcos is the Country’s Hope

Bongbong Marcos will soon be Vice President of the Philippines when he wins the electoral protests against Vice President Leni Robredo. The majority of the Filipino people is hoping to make him President at the soonest possible time so that he can re-install the public facilities of the late strongman so as not to deprive the people with quality public services same as w=hat the late president Corazon Aquino did – for the people to hate the Marcoses as witnessed by former President, Jejomar Binay.


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Bongbong Marcos Speech: Let Us Be The Heroes That The Strongman Asked Us To Be

Bongbong Marcos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Short, precise, humble but very inspirational, Bongbong Marcos asks us all to be the heroes that his father asked us to be. To be the instruments of unity and progress for our beloved country is not an impossible request to do. In fact, that is our ultimate duty and not politicking for certain political parties.

Youtube video by;


27 Year Wait is Long

Whoever will say that the Marcoses cannot wait is totally out of his or her mind. Waiting for 27 years is not only long but painful. Why can some people be one-sided? If you can’t the number of alleged martial law victims which is only around 10,000, it’s nothing compared to the 34 million voters who waited patiently.


Duterte is the Instrument

People realized that this will not happen if the Philippines does not have a president like Duterte. He is not perfect of all sense of the works but he makes a lot of sense when making decisions and implementing it for the sake of the majority.

Recognize the Late Marcos as a Soldier at Least

It may be hard for some people to accept that the late Marcos is a hero – but at least thinking that he was once a soldier is something that they must recognize. Faking medals, stealing and all that remained to be speculations only. One day, all Filipinos will come to realize that former President Ferdinand E. Marcos is still looking after the welfare of the people even until now. Just research about the Philippines’ gold reserves at the World Bank to be enlightened!

Marcos is grateful to all that made the burial possible

The Philippine National police headed by the PNP chief Bato did all the arrangements. He and his team were all present during the military funeral bestowed upon the late president following the wishes of President Duterte. Simple, solemn but relevant, it was necessary for the family to grant the basic wish of their dead. Who are we to go against that?

Transcript of Speech of former Senator Bongbong Marcos during the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani