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Clarifying Rumors in Congress about the President’s Youngest Son


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Video: UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: House Speaker Romualdez, clarifies rumors that the youngest son of the president is allegedly his ‘special assistant.’

Rumors in the Congress

William Vincent “Vinny” Marcos, son of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., is currently an intern in Congress. Particularly for House of Representatives Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez. The House Speaker recently confirms that the youngest son has been working in his office.

Another Lawmaker

The young Marcos undergoes training in the legislative processes. Vinny will undergo the same training as his eldest brother, Senior Deputy Majority Leader and Ilocos Norte 1st District Rep. Ferdinand Alexander “Sandro” Marcos. Sandro might be new in Congress when he won as Congressman but more than ready as a lawmaker.

Daily Grind

He will be mentored on the daily grind at the House of Representatives. This includes the role and interaction of various committees and departments in the legislative processes. Strategies to help expedite the passage of vital bills and other measures for the benefit of the Filipino people are also priority areas during his training,” Romualdez’s office said.

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The Filipino Side of the American Miss Universe on YouTube


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Video Who’s Trending
[VIDEO]: Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel Speaks Tagalog, Shows Her New York Apartment

R’Bonney Gabriel Speaks Tagalog on YouTube

Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel may be American but she swears prior to the pageant that she’s also representing not just the Americans but thethe Filipinos as well. Most especially the Filipino-Americans like her. She speaks some Pilipino and shows her apartment and her fashionable work on YouTube.

Cooking Filipino Cuisine

The current Miss Universe is not a stranger of Filipino foods. As per her YouTube feature, she wishes to know how to cook the local cuisine of her father. But she’s still working on it. Traditional delicacies in the Philippines are never absent during special occasions.

Big Family

The Miss Universe’s family in the country is the same as most Filipino families. There are multitude of members. They are a big family, she said. Singing karaoke, dancing, and eating are also common during their special gatherings. Just like any other family in the country.

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President Marcos Retains Erwin Tulfo as his Attorney Clarifies Issues


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Video by ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: WATCH: Erwin Tulfo reacts to Marcos wanting to keep him in his administration | ANC

Tulfo is Ready with his Attorney

Following the second bypassing of the Commission on Appointments on former DSWD Secretary Erwin Tulfo, he is now ready with his Attorney should he needs to clarify the two issues on his appointments. He said that he has surrendered his American citizenship already for one. But the moral turpitude is still debatable.

Possible Position

Tulfo said that his attorney can explain his take on his case when he was still a media man. He added that President Bongbong Marcos already told him that he has a position for him in public service. Given the chance, he aims to serve in the area of social services.

Waiting Patiently for the Boss

Tulfo is patient enough for his boss’s decision regarding his plight. He is willing to serve in any position where he can help the most. Some justices may have grudges against him that made his appointment difficult. But he’s living such speculations behind. He will follow whatever the boss may say.

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SEO marketing company says; If you cannot Beat the President, Join him for Nation-Building

SEO marketing company

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Video by Sa Iyong Araw
[VIDEO]: The President works on creating jobs for job-less Filipinos

Advice from an SEO Marketing Company

An SEO marketing company advises the anti-Marcos stalwarts through their social media that if they cannot beat the president, might as well join him for nation-building. The detractors of President Bongbong Marcos continue to criticize his efforts to revive the country after going through the pandemic. Little do they know that they are putting themselves down. Especially those who rely on online traffic for their survival.

Reserves and Investments

The President himself said that we have available reserves all these years. So, might as well put them to good use. That’s why he’s spearheading the Maharlika Wealth Fund. But the anti-Marcos just keep on accusing him of anything that can ruin him online. However, as the people’s leader, bashers can only be humiliated by the majority of Filipinos, according to the SEO marketing company.

Creation of Jobs

President Marcos tirelessly travels to relevant events overseas. For him to lure investors. His main aim is to create jobs for the jobless. Particularly the anti-Marcos who can’t get a decent job probably because of their negativity. Therefore, it is indeed a crucial step to join the president because he’s unbeatable.

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World Economic Forum on How to Use the Country’s Reserves for Progress

World Economic Forum

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Video by ARJAY ANGELES, RN
[VIDEO]: A Special Invite to the World Economic Forum

Invitation to the World Economic Forum

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. got the invite to join the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland from its founder and executive chairperson Klaus Schwab.  Schwab made the invitation during a breakfast meeting with Marcos. Schwab assures Marcos that his attendance at the summit serves as a good opportunity to let the global business community know about the dynamism and positive developments happening in the Philippines. This is in a bid to attract more investors.


President Marcos projects the Philippine economy to grow by around 7.0 percent in 2023. The strong macroeconomic fundamentals, fiscal discipline, structural reforms, and liberalization of key sectors instituted over the years can make that happen. Despite the negative shocks caused by the pandemic. Plus the economic downturns. He stresses that the Philippines has reserves that must be used for progress.

World Coordination

Marcos said added that countries need to ensure that sufficient welfare measures are in place. This is to cushion the impact of elevated inflationary pressures. Especially towards the most affected and vulnerable sectors. The government recognizes the importance of digitalization. This is the key driver for long-term economic growth. It is a tool for economic transformation. The President underscores the importance of education, skills development, and lifelong learning. Health systems and social protection must also be enhanced. This is to abate and mitigate present and future risks.

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The President’s Heartfelt Message to Toni G. for Hosting his Events


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Video by Hello United Philippines
[VIDEO]: President Marcos surprises Toni G.

Hosting Queen and More

Toni G.’s last concert was a success despite some of her detractors’ laments. She’s not only a hosting queen but a powerful concert artist. Her husband was indeed right. Many Marcos loyalists can’t afford to miss this milestone in her life as a vital contributor to the president’s victory in the last elections.

The President’s Heartfelt Message

At a surprise digital viewing, the 17th president of the Philippines, Bongbong Marcos congratulates Toni Gonzaga for being a very strong woman. Her hosting skills are just inevitable. She can’t be moved by mere bashings. No one can cancel her, the Filipino leader implied.

A Successful Concert

Contrary to the earlier fake news about her concert. Many loyalists showed up at The Araneta Coliseum. President Marcos himself also had a surprise video greeting for Gonzaga. He praises her talent and thanks her for helping him win the presidency.

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Detractors are still into Smuggling and Hoarding while President Marcos Lures Global Investors


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Video by
[VIDEO]: Marcos to drum up global investor interest in PH at Davos meet

Bashers on Investments

Many bashers of the president cannot wait but criticize the president’s efforts in inviting investors to the country. They still have hang-ups on onions and egg prices that are surging up because of their faction’s hoarding and smuggling activities. However, the majority of people are already aware of their modus operandi.

World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. aims to put the spotlight on the Philippines as an investment destination. He’s confident to bring home job-creating business deals as he lures investors. He leads a powerhouse delegation to the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meetings in Davos, Switzerland.

17 Not 70 Delegations

Another issue that the bashers are noisy about on social media is the alleged number of delegates. They want to put a cloud on the people’s minds that the country’s taxes are spent on the 70 delegates. However, the official count is only 17.  That’s how desperate they are.

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South China Sea Conflict is an Issue in the World Economic Forum – Not the Marcos Deposits

South China Sea

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Video
[VIDEO]: The President has sleepless nights over the West Philippine Sea conflict with China

South China Sea Conflict

In a dialogue with the World Economic Forum President, Børge Brende President Ferdinand R. Marcos said that he thinks about the South China Sea conflict day and night. Thus, resulting in sleepless nights. Contrary to many speculations, the Swiss Bank deposits of the Marcoses are not an issue.

Friendly Agreement with China

The President agrees with Chinese President Xi Jinping that any conflict in the South China Sea must go through friendly consultations. This is to avoid miscommunications of any kind that could trigger unnecessary war in the future. Filipino fishermen can now freely fish in the disputed territories.

No War Policy

The commitment to peace is guided very closely by national interest in the best way to go, said President Marcos. The US only acts as a bystander. So, in an event of a war, the Philippines could be very hurt by China’s armory considering the distance. The Filipinos can be in a pitiful situation if a war with the neighboring country happens.

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Bible Prophecy about the Four Beasts that Signify the Stages of Existence -Not the End


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Video
Sa Iyong Araw
[VIDEO]: The Four Beasts in Daniel 7

Prophecy of the Four Beasts

This is the prophecy of the four beasts. Daniel sees the “great sea” stirred up by the “four winds of heaven,” and from the waters emerge four beasts.  The first is a lion with the wings of an eagle. The second is a bear. Then third a winged leopard with four heads. And the fourth a beast with ten horns and a further horn appeared which uprooted three of the ten.

Today’s World

The bible prophecy has great significance in today’s world. It assures humankind that greed and fierce leadership will not last. Accepting and praying for the Lord’s mercy and grace is enough to put these trials behind us. Moving forward is the key to abundant and peaceful existence where a righteous leader is set to conquer the world.

The Coming is Not the End

 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire. This is Daniel 7: 9. He saw the Lord Jesus Christ’s second coming and it is set to happen.

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Credit to the Bible for Knowing the Truth of Today’s Leadership


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube Video
Sa Iyong Araw
[VIDEO]: Why did they kill people in old age who read the bible?

Credit to the Bible

There’s a truth about Gomburza and Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal’s death related to the bible. They were allegedly killed after getting wisdom from the bible. They gave the right credit to the bible because they seem to be guided by the holy spirit to do the right thing during their time.

The Truth will Set you Free

Stories of hard-fought battles and struggles to achieve justice and liberty are present on history books. Hopeful messages like John 8:32, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free,” may be reassuring during doubtful moments. But they were not written until today. Credit to these heroes who in their own doings can really differentiate the kind of leaders people must follow. Those who encourage patrons to read the bible would certainly be enlightened.

Connection to Today’s Leadership

Judgements were previously made by people who are yet t receive wisdom from the bible to the current president of the Philippines. But luckily, most Filipinos are guided to elect the worthy one. He has fewer words but lots of brilliant actions. Not only for his countrymen but for the world. The truth really did set him free and his family.